Very often, moves are synonymous with a change of region. From then on, they become a source of stress and uncertainty. In order for it to go smoothly, you need to prepare your move. This is especially true when your next residence is very far from the news. The organization of the move must be done at all points. To properly organize your Montreal move, here are some tips to use.

Complete the administrative procedures very early

Two months before the date of your long-distance move, you must start the administrative procedures relating to the change of address. You should also consider cancelling your electricity, water and gas subscriptions. You must also inform your insurers of your imminent and definitive departure from your current residence.

Regardless of the type of contracts you currently have with a home services company, it’s essential to review it. A change of address could affect the terms of these contracts. To accomplish most of these administrative procedures, it is no longer necessary to travel. Everything can be done online.

Make a good choice of period to move

There are some very good times to move while others are not. You should avoid planning your residential move on a Saturday. The summer period and that of the school holidays are not conducive to a move. Indeed, these are very busy periods, because they are periods that many people choose to move.

Therefore, moving companies like Déménagement Constant may be unavailable. Rates are revised upwards during these periods. In your own interest, it is best that you choose a low season (winter or spring) to carry out your long-distance move. Doing it also in the middle of the week is also advantageous.

Make a one-way rental of the utility

There is no doubt that between your current home and the next one, the distance is not small. Therefore, going back and forth between these two points is not economical. So, you need to opt for renting a one-way truck. There are utilities that are rented either for 24 hours or for 48.

Thus, when you have finished unloading, you can leave the truck in a place that will be indicated to you by the rental company. Of course, this place is very close to your new home. You will save the budget for travel.

Moving light

For your long-distance move, don’t clutter up with unnecessary or non-essential belongings. Sort through your belongings and set aside the ones you can get rid of. You certainly have furniture or kitchen utensils that have not been used for months or years. Why do you bother with them by bringing them to your new home?

Take with you only the items that will be useful to you for your new home. This may be an opportunity to get rid of your old sofa. Like all other “useless” items, sell it or give it to the neighbor or relative. Moreover, it will save you money, because if your business is numerous, the truck will have to be large. This will have a significant impact on the price of transport.

Distribute the boxes for the new residence very early

It is certain that your current residence and the next one do not have the same configuration. For this, the provisions of your business will not be the same on both sides. To make things easier for you, mark each carton according to the room in which the objects it contains should be arranged. Thus, our residential moving company will be able to ship each box in the room indicated therein.

Avoid moving with food

Since your next residence is very far from the current one, the boxes will have to stay in the truck for a long time. It is even possible that they are exposed to the sun at times. If these cartons contain food, there is a risk that it will rot. The only foods you can store in Montreal moving boxes are those that are not perishable. There is, for example, rice and pasta.

Organize the trip

The leg of the trip must also be well organized. You must write down on a paper all the details in order to protect yourself from surprises. You need to know the route that the truck will have to take. You should also budget for tolls. The choice of several elements depends on the chosen route. This includes, for example, the type of truck as well as the time of the residential move.

Reserve a space to park the truck

For a move to the city, it is often necessary to reserve a place to park the truck. This will save you from taking a fine for non-legal parking. So, go to the town hall of your current city and the next city of residence and book this location. Make this reservation 2 weeks before the date of the move.

Calling on professionals

A Montreal move is an activity that can quickly become stressful if you don’t know what to do. This is why it is better to entrust it to professionals like
Déménagement Constant
. Whatever contract is signed between you and us, we will take care of fully satisfying you.

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