Anyone may have to move far from their current city, or even to another province in Canada or elsewhere in the world. Indeed, it is usually for a family or professional reason that you could change your place of residence.

Professional moving companies consider any trip of more than 70 km to be “long distance”.

In order to be successful, your long-distance move must be carefully prepared.

The key element: organization!

A move is always a difficult, tiring and stressful event, this is even more true when it comes to a distant trip.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you effectively prepare this adventure so that it takes place serenely and without inconvenience:

1. Start preparations as soon as possible

Your entire move will have to be planned as soon as possible so that it takes place in excellent conditions and at the best cost. But don’t rush, get organized!

To avoid unpleasant surprises and high costs, establish as precisely as possible a budget for your relocation and try to stay there.

To make sure you can move on the date you have chosen, book your moving company as soon as possible. Indeed, at certain times of the year, movers are fully booked several weeks in advance.

2. Move only the essentials

Why not take advantage of your move to sort through your belongings (papers, clothes, equipment, etc.)? Only move the belongings you care about and those you use, as well as the furniture that will have their place in your future home.

To make it easier to move in, identify precisely the contents of each box.

3. Choose a specialized professional moving company

For your long-distance move, it is impossible to use friends and family to help you. You must use a professional moving company, seasoned and specialized in long journeys.

Experienced movers will know how to organize their truck in such a way as to secure your furniture and personal belongings as much as possible for the duration of the journey. In addition, they use adapted equipment (blankets, carpets, covers, harnesses, etc.) to protect all your items. They can also provide you with a secure storage service if you need to.

Ask for a free quote from about three different movers and make sure that the services invoiced correspond to your needs. Don’t forget to check if moving companies have insurance to cover all your items.

4. Change your address

Before you arrive in your new home, you will have to inform many institutions and companies (financial institutions, both levels of government, Canada Post, Hydro-Québec, your Internet service provider, etc.) of your change of address.

To simplify all the administrative procedures, you can use a very practical Quebec application:
Moving Waldo

The emotional aspect

Often overlooked, the emotional aspect of a long-distance move is not to be taken lightly.

Take a moment to remember the good times spent in your current home and then focus on the ones you will build in your new living environment.

To make your long-distance move a success, call on the professional and specialized movers at Déménagement Constant. They will provide you with the necessary support and service to make this event a success.