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Piano moving and pool tables

Moving property is not an easy activity, let alone valuable and heavy goods. This is the case with the piano and pool tables. Doing this yourself or requesting the services of a conventional mover can put you at risk of material damage and serious injury. This work requires special attention with a type of transport well adapted to the event. This is why the provision of a professional in this area will be ideal in this situation. Below are some tips on how to complete your piano and pool tables move to the city of Montreal.

Easily move your piano safely in the heart of Montreal

The piano is a sensitive instrument, very heavy and sometimes cumbersome. His move is not improvised and cannot be done alone at the risk of damaging him. A professional mover is the best solution that will make this task easy and secure. There are several aspects to consider in order to better accomplish this mission.

The model and weight of the material

The model and weight of the piano are elements that should not be overlooked. Whether it is upright piano, grand piano, tail quarter, organ and harpsichord, its weight ranges from 120 kg to 600 kg. That’s why you should avoid moving it alone, even if you have a transport cart or an elevator at your disposal.

Access to housing

The technician must assess the conditions of access to the dwellings (old and new). It must first check the condition of the streets between the two dwellings in order to provide the most suitable transport equipment. Then it’s up to him to see which location is best for your piano. If during the trip the instrument may encounter an obstacle, such as a door or stairwell that is too narrow on the ground floor or upstairs, it should be thought of disassembling and reassembling it or, if necessary, using a lift or crane.

Transporting the piano

The manipulation of the piano is much more complex because it is a very fragile instrument. To move it, the professional must ensure the protection of the device. Thus, it works with the installation with plastic film of the moving parts of the device (cover, desk, pedals …) and protects the keys of the keyboard with appropriate packaging. It should cover all the equipment with a protective cover preferably in order to optimize its weight at shock during transport. The professional should also avoid placing heavy or liquid objects on the instrument; this could affect its tone and damage its surface.

The piano is made mainly of wood. It is therefore sensitive to humidity and heat. Exposing it in a room where the air is too wet or dry can cause the wood to absorb or lose moisture. The latter swells or splits and then causes the strings to expand, causing the piano to lose its tuning. It is recommended to install it away from the window when transporting, from the radiator and from the fireplace to the destination to better preserve its tone.

How do you move your pool table safely in the city of Montreal?

Just like the piano, moving pool tables is not as easy as you think. You will need one or two pairs of arms or at best use the service of an expert. This is done in three stages.

  • Disassembled or disassembled the table

It is an operation to dismantle the pool table piece by piece, because it is a serious mistake to move it in bulk because the risks are too high. To carry out this operation better, and regardless of the weight (from 270 kg to 700 kg), regardless of the type of table (classic, Executive, Baroness …), the expert must use appropriate tools, namely: an electric drill, a flat screwdriver, a degrafer, a socket wree’s and safety goggles.

The professional mover should start by disassembling the side pockets using a screwdriver or a puller. However, he would have to put on his safety goggles before he went to work. He then dismantles the strips using the socket key because they are attached with bolts. Come after the carpets that are the delicate part of the operation. He must also use the electric drill to remove the slate. Finally, it will be easier for him to disassemble the rails and legs.

  • Transporting the pool table

Once the dismantling operation is complete, he proceeds to pack the parts of the table. The most fragile must be carefully protected to avoid any impact on the material.

  • Installing the table in the new building

After choosing the ideal location, the technician also proceeds piece by piece to reinstall the table. It assembles the chassis, arranges the rails, the slate and installs the carpet by stretching it to optimize the surface of the game. The table should be carefully leveled during installation.

In view of all this, it is clear that moving the piano and pool tables is a very painful and risky activity. It would therefore be more appropriate to turn to a professional in the field. Our team puts at your service its deep expertise, experience and equipment, for a quick and smooth move. The cost of moving the piano and pool table within Montreal is just as complex as the task at hand. This depends largely on the location of the object and the distance to travel. Please contact us for specific quotes.


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