Frequently Asked Questions

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    What’s the price of a move?
    The price of a move varies depending on several different factors, such as the distance to be traveled, the number of items to be transported, the time of year, etc. To learn more, contact us for a free estimate or visit his page.
    How can I save money on my move?
    By making the appointment for your move several months in advance, by scheduling it for a weekday during the off-peak season and by packing and unpacking your belongings and dismantling and reassembling your furnishings yourself, you can relocate without having to spend a fortune. For more information, visit this page to help make your move as affordable as possible!
    What measures are you taking in response to COVID-19?
    We have implemented all of the safety measures that are specified in the guidelines issued by the government. For example, our movers wear face coverings, observe social distancing, avoid sharing tools, limit the number of people allowed inside their moving trucks, etc. To learn more, call us at (514) 220-3505 or read our blog entry on good sanitary practices during a move.
    Are your moving trucks disinfected after each use?
    Yes. We are very conscientious about disinfecting the cargo area of our trucks between clients.
    Do I need to be present during the move?
    Yes. Our movers will follow your instructions throughout the day. For example, they will consult you to find out which items are fragile, which rooms various furniture and boxes should be placed in, which things, if any, won’t be transported, etc.
    Do I have to tip the movers?
    Although it isn’t obligatory, it’s customary to leave a 10 to 15 percent tip ($20 to $25 per mover) if you were happy with the service they provided.
    Do you offer discounts for seniors or students?
    We offer moving services that are specially adapted for seniors or students who are on a tight budget, allowing them to benefit from a more affordable price. Contact us for a free estimate or visit this page.
    Do you move pianos and pool tables?
    No. We do not offer this type of service because it requires specialized equipment.
    Are there certain items that you can’t move?
    Yes. According to government regulations, we aren’t allowed to transport hazardous materials, such as propane or oxygen tanks, fireworks, gasoline, solvents, bleach, paint, etc.
    Do you transport plants and animals?
    Animals are not allowed in our moving trucks. We are allowed to transport plants; however, they aren’t covered by our insurance.
    What sectors do you serve?
    We perform residential and commercial short-distance and long-distance moves in Montreal, on the North Shore and on the South Shore.
    Do you have insurance?
    Yes. We are covered by cargo insurance and general liability insurance.
    Are all transported items covered by your insurance?
    No. Plants are not insured. Furthermore, televisions and monitors are not insured against breakage or other damage unless they are in their original packaging. This is a general rule in the moving industry.
    Can I cancel my moving contract?
    Yes. However, the deposit is non-refundable if the contract is cancelled less than 15 days before the scheduled moving date. Other fees may apply, as well. Call us at (514) 220-3505 for more information.

    Do you have further questions?

    Our team of professional movers will be happy to answer them. Call us at (514) 220-3505 or email us at [email protected].