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    The term “small move” may seem vague if you are not in the field of moving. That’s the way it goes! Although there are no established standards to define the conditions of a small move, professional companies consider a move to be small or minor when they need to transport:

    • A single very heavy or complex item such as a piano, spa, pool table
    • A few boxes
    • Some furniture
    • One or two heavy items like a sofa or appliances

    For Déménagement Constant no move is too minimal! We will be happy to take care of your small move with the same professionalism as for any transport that is requested of us. Contact us for more information.

    Small move to Montreal and surroundings

    Are you changing apartments or going to a shared flat or do you have a very heavy and bulky item to move? So you are tempted to make your move alone by seeking the help of friends or family and renting a small truck? This is not necessarily the most economical or the least scary decision!

    Even if you have little to move, i.e. a few boxes, some furniture and/or appliances, use a professional moving company. For your peace of mind, Déménagement Constant with its experience will take care of your small move in Montreal and the surrounding area.

    Do not risk injuring yourself or damaging your furniture or favorite items that you care about more than anything, our team of expert movers takes care of transporting and delivering safely and without damage all your belongings. Indeed, we have the expertise and all the specific equipment (carpets, blankets, harnesses, etc.) necessary to move your furniture and personal items efficiently and thoroughly.

    A complete service

    At Déménagement Constant, whether it is to make a small move or a large one, we offer you a professional quality service! Trust us for a complete service of your small move that includes:

    • A free and accurate quote adapted to your needs.
    • A team of professional movers, experienced, smiling, courteous, punctual and meticulous.
    • The dismantling and assembly of your furniture.
    • Packing and unpacking your personal belongings.
    • The loading, transport and unloading of all your belongings safely. We use floor mats, padded blankets, harnesses, plastic bags to protect mattresses, etc.
    • Cargo and liability insurance that covers damage.

    For a small quality move at a competitive price without stress and in peace of mind in Montreal, on the North Shore or the South Shore, use Déménagement Constant!

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      FAQ for a small move

      What is "small move"?

      A “small move” usually refers to a move involving a limited amount of belongings or small storage space. It could be a move from a studio, a one-bedroom apartment, or a few specific items. These moves are usually smaller in terms of volume and logistical needs compared to a large-scale move.

      Small moves are often more affordable and easier to organize than large moves. They are perfect for those with more restricted moving needs.

      What are the main options for a small move?

      For a small move, you have several options. You can choose to make the move yourself by renting a small truck, packing your belongings and doing the transportation. Another option is to use moving services that specialize in small moves. These companies often provide teams of professional movers and trucks tailored to smaller needs.

      The options depend on your personal preferences and budget. Hiring professionals can save you time and reduce stress.

      What are the advantages of hiring professionals for a small move?

      Calling on professionals for a small move has several advantages. You benefit from the expertise of a trained team, the necessary equipment to protect your property, and the possibility of taking out insurance to cover possible damage. In addition, moving professionals can plan and execute the move efficiently, which can save you time and energy.

      Moving professionals offer you a practical and reassuring solution for your small move, ensuring that everything goes smoothly.

      How can I effectively prepare for a small move?

      Preparing for a small move starts with organization. Make a list of all the items you plan to move and assess whether any of them can be sold, donated or thrown away. Carefully pack your belongings in suitable boxes, clearly labeling them. Also, be sure to reserve a truck of the appropriate size if you choose to do it yourself. If you hire professionals, clearly communicate your needs and expectations.

      Good preparation is essential to ensure that your small move runs smoothly. Be organized and methodical from the start.

      What are the typical costs associated with a small move?

      The costs of a small move vary depending on several factors, including the distance to be travelled, the amount of goods to be moved, the services required (packing, dismantling, assembly), and the time of year. In general, small moves are more affordable than large ones, but it is recommended to get quotes from several companies to get a clear idea of the costs associated with your specific move.

      The costs of a small move can be managed with proper budget and careful planning. Get multiple quotes to make an informed decision.