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    The term “small move” may seem vague to you if you aren’t in the moving business. But it’s completely normal! While there are no established regulations defining the conditions that qualify a move as small, professional companies have their own criteria for what they consider a small or minor move, depending on what they’ll be transporting. A small move could be any one of the following:

    • A single item that is extremely heavy or complex, such as a piano, spa or pool table
    • A few boxes
    • A few pieces of furniture
    • One or two heavy items, such as a sofa or a major appliance

    For Déménagement Constant, no move is too small! It would be our pleasure to manage your minor move with the same level of professionalism as we would invest in any type of transport asked of us. Contact us for more information.

    Minor moves in Montreal and the surrounding areas

    Are you switching apartments or moving out of a shared space? Or do you have a very heavy, bulky item to be transported? Are you tempted to handle your move yourself by renting a small moving van and asking your friends and family for help? That’s not necessarily the most affordable or the most practical solution.

    Even if you only have a little bit to move, for example, a few boxes, a few pieces of furniture and maybe some appliances, call on the services of a professional moving company. For your peace of mind, Déménagement Constant has the necessary experience to manage your small move in Montreal and the surrounding areas.

    Don’t risk injuring yourself or damaging your furniture or the items you treasure more than anything. Our team of expert movers will transport and deliver all of your belongings safely and securely without damaging anything. We have all the necessary expertise and special equipment (mats, covers, harnesses, etc.) to move your furniture and personal items with painstaking care and efficiency.

    All-inclusive service

    At Déménagement Constant, whether for a big move or small move, we offer you high-quality professional service. For your minor move, you can count on us to provide full service, including the following:

    • A free estimate that’s precise and tailored to your needs
    • A team of professional movers that are experienced, friendly, courteous, punctual and attentive to detail
    • Disassembly and reassembly of your furnishings
    • Packing and unpacking of your personal possessions
    • Safe, secure loading, transport and unloading of all your belongings using protective mats, padded covers, harnesses, plastic bags to protect your mattresses, etc.
    • Cargo insurance and general liability insurance to cover any damages

    For high-quality, stress-free, hassle-free small moving services at competitive prices in Montreal, on the North Shore or on the South Shore, you can count on Déménagement Constant!

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