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Senior or student: low budget move

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    Small budget moving for Seniors and Students


    Moving can be a difficult step when you have a tight budget. In this guide, find all our tips to enjoy good value for money for a senior move and a student move.
    How do I organize for a residential move for the elderly?

    In retirement, more and more seniors are looking for housing that suits their situation. Some want to live in an apartment with disabled equipment, while others want to move into a retirement home. Moving seniors is not always as simple as you think. However, it is possible to anticipate all the unexpected thanks to a good organization.

    Enjoy a turnkey service


    Suffering from loss of autonomy, many seniors need support for their move. If their loved ones do not have time to prepare, such as sorting cases and packing businesses, these tasks can be assigned to moving professionals. Some moving companies even offer to handle the necessary paperwork when moving. This is a real benefit for the elderly.

    Find out more about moving aid


    Retirement often means a loss of income. To finance their move, seniors can benefit from financial assistance. To verify his eligibility for this financial allowance, it is strongly recommended to check with his supplementary pension fund. You should know that this can take time. It is therefore essential to complete these formalities in advance.


    Small budget moving for students: the right reflexes


    Most students have a limited budget for their move. To limit their expenses, some of them decide to move on their own. Renting a van can be more expensive than a professional service. Contrary to popular belief, the service of a moving company is not always expensive.
    Spotting a competitively priced offer

    Moving a student is not as restrictive as you think. Generally, his belongings are limited to personal belongings and school supplies. In order to benefit from a more accessible price, contact us for a free quote of a small budget move to Montreal.


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