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    CHEAP residential moving in Montreal

    For a residential move, it is advisable to contact a company specializing in moving, and for that, you are in the right place! Contact us and have peace of mind knowing that professional movers will pack your belongings and disassemble your furniture (if you wish), and transport all your movable property (furniture and personal belongings) to your new place of residence.

    In addition, by choosing to entrust your residential move to professionals (like us!), you will have sound support and advice throughout the process. You should also know that we hold a permit from the Commission des transports du Québec (CTQ) and we have insurance coverage for the protection of your property. Enough to make you fully confident!

    To make your move a success, we think the following information may be useful to you.


    Moving your belongings and furniture yourself may seem like a good thing, especially in terms of savings. However, the best solution is when you entrust this to a specialized structure in this area. Indeed, delegating this activity to a qualified third party has many advantages.

    First, those who will move your personal belongings have been trained for this task. Unlike you, they know and know how each type of object should be treated and transported. This ensures the safety of your furniture and reliable transport, and also prevents you from the risk of injury.

    The mover takes care of everything: packing goods,
    dismantling and assembling your furniture
    . As a customer, all you have to do is give instructions. Your personal belongings are moved with care and professionalism in record time. This saves you a lot of time, which is often lacking during a moving period.

    Then you have the option to be compensated when one of your assets is not returned to its original state. Of course, you don’t have that privilege when you make your move yourself. This means that you will not be able to get repairs for any damage. Ultimately, a professional-made residential move can quickly become more economical than if you do it yourself. In short, you get better service in terms of safety and speed.

    A turnkey residential move

    Have you acquired a new property in Montreal, Longueuil, Boucherville, Terrebonne or Brossard? Are you now looking for a residential moving company to transport your property to your new property? For all your residential moves in Montreal and its surroundings, you can call on a reliable, professional and experienced company : Déménagement Constant.

    At Constant Moving, we want to offer a turnkey service and support from the beginning to the end of your move. To do this, we take the following complete steps:


    Furniture dismantling


    Packing goods


    Safe transport


    Furniture delivery and assembly

    Aware of the sentimental and pecuniary value of your property,Constant Moving is committed to taking care of them at all times and to restoring them to you in an impeccable condition.

    How to prepare your residential move?

    Before you embark on the actual move, it is recommended to go through preliminary actions.

    Planning your move

    A move doesn’t happen any way on a whim. We plan things in advance, we are interested in the different criteria that will make our move go well: the cost, the volume to move, the different possibilities available to us, etc. And we’re starting to sort out his stuff. This lets you know what needs to be moved or not. In the latter case, you still have the option to sell them as second-hand items, since this activity is quite trendy at the moment.

    Preparing for your next home

    You have to plan ahead how to redevelop your new space. It is not when you arrive on the day of the move with your boxes and furniture that you will decide in a few minutes what you will do with all this.

    To do this, do a complete analysis of the places: space, technical constraints, etc. You will then know what instructions to give to your mover. This will make it easier for you to unpack your belongings.

    Home appliances:
    washer, dryer, stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, etc.

    sofa, bed, mattress, table, desk, shelf, piano, etc.

    Thanks to our know-how, our expertise and our equipment,Constant Moving is able to ensure you a residential move without stress and hassle for a development that starts in the best conditions!

    Your movers in Montreal and surroundings

    As a residential moving company, we offer several services to those who settle, or who leave Montreal and its outskirts. In practice, we take care of everything from packaging to unpacking, transport and delivery.


    Packaging is the most crucial phase of a residential move. If it is not done well, you may have nasty surprises when delivering. Therefore, it must be done appropriately and effectively.

    Our company is able to provide you with all the necessary and quality equipment to do this job. We are able to provide the appropriate packaging in which to store each item. This includes packaging for light, bulky, heavy and long items.

    Apart from packaging, there are also other equipment that is important. Here are some types of packaging and equipment needed for residential removal:

    • Protective cover for mattress, sofa, armchair;
    • Packaging paper;
    • Corrugated cardboard or bubble wrap for fragile items;
    • Covers;
    • Heavy handling equipment;
    • Moving belts;
    • Devils and four-wheeled carts;
    • Cardboard box for light objects;
    • Box for wardrobe;
    • Packaging plastics;
    • Tape.

    Transportation and delivery

    At Déménagement Constant, we have all the necessary and adapted vehicles to ensure safety during transport and deliver your movable property to your new home.

    Trucks meet transportation standards in Quebec. The trucks are also clean and well equipped. This means that you have nothing to fear for your personal belongings.


    When your belongings are delivered to your new home, the moving company can also take care of unpacking and assembling the furniture. If your moving option includes this service, all you have to do is give the instructions you think is necessary.

    Your belongings will be carefully unpacked to prevent damage. Again, our qualified staff can save you time.

    Whether it’s your clothes, your furniture or your precious objects, everything is done according to the rules of the art. Throughout your move to Montreal, you will have only acted as a client.

    What should we remember?

    Residential moving is an activity that should be reserved for professionals. You will feel calm and serene when you delegate this task to a specialized company. In this way, you can avoid stressful situations while keeping the choice between several flexible options for moving at a lower cost.

    If you wish, we can ensure all the steps that your move includes: packing your belongings, transport to your new home and finally unpacking them. You then retain supervisory status for the duration of the move.

    In addition to our proven expertise in residential removal and vehicle driving for many years, we have thehighest quality equipment to safely transport your goods:

    Regularly washed and disinfected padded blankets

    High-quality adhesive strips

    Protective mats

    Single-use plastic bags for mattresses

    Clean moving trucks

    In addition, Constant Moving holds the permit issued by the Quebec Transportation Commission (QTC) and has basic insurance coverage to provide additional protection for your property.


    Punctual, courteous and competent,our movers will be available and present throughout your residential move. Make your move a success with Constant Moving!

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