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    Some companies specialize in residential removal, others are experienced for commercial removal. Déménagement Constant has extensive experience in both of these industries. Thanks to our equipment and qualified teams, you can rest assured that all your commercial goods will be transported in the best conditions.

    What are the advantages of using a professional moving company in Montreal and at what cost can you do it?

    The benefits of using a business moving business

    With a business moving professional, you have the certainty of a skilled workforce, the benefit of exclusive optional services and the right logistics.

    A skilled and efficient workforce

    The advantage with a commercial moving company is that you have to deal with a structure that will allow you to have at your disposal a well-qualified and experienced workforce. We do not limit ourselves to the handling and transport of your goods and furniture to your new premises.

    Indeed, the dismantling work of the various pieces of furniture is essential during a company move, especially when it comes to heavy and bulky furniture. The intervention of a professional is also required when your old or new commercial premises are difficult to access. The professional moving team will have the right tools and the necessary know-how for this type of situation. Their mission is to ensure that your furniture, work equipment, etc. remains intact from packaging to installation to unpacking.

    The benefit of optional exclusive services

    By entrusting your business move to Déménagement Constant, you benefit from exclusive services such as the supply of packaging and storage. We provide you with boxes and packaging to protect your belongings during their transit and handling of your old or new premises.

    If you do not yet have access to your premises, or you want to resell your old furniture, you can benefit from a storage service to store your belongings while waiting for your new premises or while waiting to proceed with their sale.

    The right logistics for your needs

    Not only do we have various types of trucks (22, 20, 18, feet), depending on the needs of your business, but we also have to optimize the space. For example, by dismantling and assembling your furniture.

    In addition, the availability of the vehicle will avoid many laps necessary to complete the move. Similarly, it allows the transport of your goods in very good conditions; thus limiting the risk of damage and especially the loss of such precious time when you are in business. Know that all our moving trucks are clean, inspected and well equipped.

    With a moving company, you prevent injuries

    Asking employees for help when moving an office or small business can be tempting, and they are sometimes happy to be part of this adventure. However, remember that you are not immune to injury.

    By choosing to hire a professional mover, you greatly reduce the risks. Our movers are properly trained and equipped for this task, greatly reducing the risks to a well-meaning employee, but without the required experience and equipment.

    Personalised accompaniment

    It is never easy to arrange a commercial move. An experienced moving company has a team of specialized professional movers. They will know:

    • Analyze your specific needs based on your type of activity, the assets you have to move, the distance to travel;
    • Take care of the entire handling and transport of equipment which are office furniture, computers and servers, archives taking into account the safe destruction if necessary;
    • Take charge of administrative aspects such as customs, tax benefits, transport insurance coverage;
    • For industrial removals, they will do the dismantling, handling, transport and relocation of your heavy equipment.

    The cost of a business move

    Our rates for a commercial move are affordable and tailored to each business. The total amount will depend on certain elements to be taken into account:

    • the destination (distance between your old and new premises);
    • size and type of load
    • any additional services you may need.

    Just contact us and we will offer you solutions adapted to your budget.

    In conclusion

    To ensure continuity of service to your customers, it is recommended to use an experienced commercial moving company. A well-organized move will ensure a minor impact on your business. Thanks to a complete evaluation for the relocation of your offices, you have the guarantee of a quality service that takes your requirements into account. With a professional team, your move will take place as soon as possible.


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      Moving planning

      Commercial Moving Planning

      Planning is the key to a successful commercial move. Here are some important steps to follow when planning your move:

      Establish a Detailed Schedule

      Start by setting a detailed schedule for your move. Identify key dates, such as the expected moving date, the deadline for terminating the lease of your current space, dates for finding and preparing your new space, etc. This will help you stay organized and meet deadlines.

      Assign a Project Team

      Designate an internal project team or hire an external project manager to oversee the move. This team will be responsible for coordinating all activities related to the move, communicating with stakeholders and ensuring that everything goes according to plan.

      Conduct a Needs Assessment

      Make a thorough assessment of your space and equipment needs in your new location. This will help you determine the optimal size and configuration of your new space. Don’t forget to consider your company’s future growth needs.

      Establish a Budget

      Determine a budget for your commercial move. Consider costs related to space rental, moving costs, fit-up work, new equipment, utilities, communication costs, etc. Provide a safety margin to deal with the unexpected.

      Communicating with Stakeholders

      Communicate regularly with your employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders involved in the move. Let them know about the moving process, key dates, and any disruptions. Be sure to answer their questions and provide them with the necessary information.

      Organization of the Commercial Move

      Once you’ve planned the key aspects of your business move, it’s time to move on to hands-on organization. Here are some tips to help you organize your move efficiently:

      Hire a Professional Moving Company

      It is recommended to use a professional moving company that specializes in commercial moves. Look for reputable companies, check their references and ask for detailed quotes. Choose a company that has specific experience in commercial moves and can adapt to your specific needs.

      Planning the Transportation of Goods

      Make sure you have a detailed plan for transporting your belongings to your new space. Identify the most critical and sensitive elements that require attention. Pack your belongings in an organized manner and clearly label boxes to make it easier to unpack and locate items in your new space.

      Update Contact Information

      Notify your suppliers, customers, business partners and other stakeholders of your change of address and new contact information. Update your information on your communication media, website, business cards, etc. Make sure your communication services, such as internet and telephone, are transferred and operational in your new space.

      Plan Room Configuration

      Before you move, plan the configuration of your new space. Think about the optimal layout of offices, work areas, meeting rooms, etc. Consider ergonomics, lighting, traffic, safety and the specific needs of your business. Call on professionals if necessary to help you in the design of your new space.

      Communicating with Employees

      Maintain transparent communication with your employees throughout the moving process. Explain the reasons for the move, keep them informed of important dates and details, and involve them in the process as much as possible. Make sure they have the resources they need to ease their transition to the new space.

      What is a commercial move?

      A commercial move refers to the process of moving a business from one location to another. This may include the transfer of offices, equipment, inventory and any other items necessary for the proper functioning of the business. It can be a small local company or a large international company.
      The 3 most important things to remember about a commercial move are:

      Commercial moving involves moving the entire infrastructure of a business, including offices, equipment, and inventory.
      It is essential to plan and coordinate closely all stages of the move to minimize interruptions and ensure a smooth transition.
      Using a professional moving company that specializes in commercial moves can ensure efficient and hassle-free execution of the process.

      What are the key steps in a commercial move?

      The commercial move involves several essential steps to ensure a successful transition. Here are the key steps of a commercial move:

      • Planning and preparation: Set a detailed schedule for the move, identify the resources needed, and set a budget. Conduct a comprehensive assessment of your space and logistics needs.
      • Packaging and labeling: Organize and pack all items in an orderly manner. Clearly label each box to facilitate the unpacking and subsequent installation process.
      • Transport and logistics: Organize the transport of your belongings to the new location. Make sure all necessary vehicles are available and plan routes to minimize delays.
      • Installation and configuration: Once you arrive at the new location, install offices, equipment and communication systems according to your pre-established plan.
      • Test and verification: Verify that all services, equipment, and systems are working properly in the new space. Perform tests of Internet connection, telephony, etc.

      The 3 most important things to remember about the key steps of a commercial move are:

      • Careful planning and preparation is essential to ensure a successful move.
      • Proper labeling and organization of items facilitates subsequent unpacking and installation.
      • A thorough audit of services and systems in the new space ensures a smooth transition.
      How to choose a commercial moving company?

      When it comes to choosing a commercial moving company, it is important to consider several factors. Here are some key things to consider:
      Experience and expertise: Look for moving companies that have a proven track record in commercial moves. They will include the specific challenges of logistics and coordinating a corporate move.

      • Reputation: Check the references and history of the moving company. Check out reviews from previous customers to get an idea of how good their service is.
      • Services offered: Make sure the moving company offers all the services you need, such as packing, transport, installation and unpacking.
      • Insurance and licenses: Check if the moving company is properly insured and has the necessary licenses to carry out commercial moves.
      • Detailed quote: Ask for detailed quotes from several moving companies and compare the rates and services included.

      The 3 most important things to remember when choosing a commercial moving company are:


      • Look for a moving company with proven experience in commercial moves.
      • Check the company’s reputation and review reviews from previous customers.
      • Make sure that the company offers all the necessary services and has the appropriate insurance and licenses.
      How long does it take to complete a commercial move?

      The length of time it takes to complete a commercial move varies depending on different factors. Here are some things that can influence the time required:

      • The size of the business: The larger the company, the longer the move can take due to the amount of items to be moved.
      • The distance of the move: If the move involves a local move, it can be completed in a few days. On the other hand, a long-distance move can take several weeks due to the extra transport time.
      • Infrastructure complexity: If the company has a large number of complex equipment or systems, it may take longer to uninstall, move, and reinstall them.


      How to minimize interruptions during a commercial move?

      Minimizing interruptions during a commercial move is crucial to ensuring business continuity. Here are some steps that can help reduce interruptions:

      • Advanced planning: Start planning the move early enough to allow for proper organization. Identify less busy times to make the move, if possible.
      • Internal communication: Inform all team members of the move in advance. Make sure all staff are aware of dates, schedules and tasks related to the move.
      • Outsourcing services: If possible, outsource some moving tasks to professionals. Hire a commercial moving company to handle transportation, installation, and unpacking, allowing your team to focus on essential activities.