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    Moving to the South Shore: What you need to know

    Before embarking on your local move to the South Shore, especially in Saint-Hubert, it is crucial to take into account some key elements to ensure that all your needs are covered safely. Here’s what you need to know: choosing a reliable moving company is paramount. Professional movers not only offer a piano moving service, but they are also able to service all of your requirements, ensuring that your belongings are transported safely. Opting for a moving company that also offers a full service gives you peace of mind, knowing that every aspect of your move to Saint-Hubert will be handled with care and expertise.

    The South Shore: A Pleasant Living Environment

    The South Shore offers a pleasant living environment, combining proximity to nature and the benefits of urban life. With its green spaces, parks, bike paths and welcoming neighbourhoods, the South Shore is a popular destination for many newcomers. Familiarize yourself with the different cities and municipalities of the South Shore to choose the one that best suits your needs.

    Moving Planning

    Careful planning of your move is essential to ensure its success. Set a detailed schedule of tasks to be accomplished, such as finding a reliable moving company, terminating and transferring utilities, packing and unpacking your belongings, and changing your address. Careful planning will help you effectively manage every step of the process.

    Choosing a Moving Company

    Choosing a reliable and professional moving company is crucial for a worry-free move. Look for reputable businesses on the South Shore and ask for recommendations from those around you. Get several detailed quotes, compare the services offered, rates and insurance before making a final decision.

    Packaging and Organization

    The careful packing of your belongings is a key step in your move. Make sure you have enough packaging materials, such as boxes of different sizes, wrapping paper, tape and markers. Pack your belongings by category, clearly label each box and take care to protect fragile items. This will make the unpacking process easier and allow you to quickly find your belongings in your new home.

    Change of Address and Transfer of Services

    Before leaving your current home, consider changing your address with the relevant agencies and services. Inform your post office, electricity, water, gas, internet and television suppliers of your move. Also, update your information with your bank, insurance companies, subscriptions, and financial institutions.

    Moving to the South Shore

    No matter how far you travel and how much you have to move, moving is always a stressful time. Fortunately, it is possible to take advantage of the expertise and experience of professional movers (like us!!) to accompany you. In the Montreal area and on the South Shore, there are hundreds of moving companies and it is often difficult to choose the right one. We are convinced that we can offer you your move at an affordable price,while offering you a pleasant and worry-free experience.

    On this page, we’ll show you how we suggest you work with to make your move successful!

    Find a qualified team for your South Shore move

    When it comes to changing addresses, there are several things to do at once. Between the boxes to be prepared, loading, transporting, unloading and installation in the new home, the project can quickly become a real headache. By choosing to deal with a professional mover (like us!), you put all the chances on your side to move on time and with less stress.

    We are a team of movers based in Montreal. We have been working for several years with individuals and businesses who wish to relocate to the South Shore. You can therefore ask us for a move to Brossard, Longueuil,Boucherville, Candiac, Saint-Constant,Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Beloeil,Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Chambly, Carignan, Sainte-Catherine, Varennes, Sainte-Julie,Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, Châteauguay and the surrounding area.

    You can count on us for a quick and secure move. We have qualified staff and the tools to offer you a qualitative service without wasting time. In addition, we hold the license of the Quebec Transportation Commission(CTQ)which allows us to transport your goods not only in Montreal and on the South Shore, but also to make long-distance moves.

    No matter how fragile your items are, you can count on our team of qualified movers for safe transportation. In order to offer you better assistance with the least risk, our company has insurance coverage. In case of damage, you can get compensation as quickly as possible.

    A complete and reliable move

    A move involves many changes: new home, new neighbourhood, new school for children or new habits to take. These changes can be very stressful.

    There’s no need to add to that the stress of having to manage the movement of your belongings without the help of professionals, or the fear that a friend will get hurt during that day!

    Constant Moving specializes in:


    Residential relocation


    The commercial move



    It is therefore necessary to plan the day of your move well so that it happens in complete serenity, without being a source of stress for you. Moving Constant made a lot of moves on the South Shore of Montreal and all went very well.

    Moving to the South Shore: discover your region

    Follow these practical tips to facilitate your move to the South Shore:

    Sort before the Move

    Take advantage of your move to sort through your belongings. Get rid of items that you no longer need or that are no longer useful to you. You can give them away, sell them or throw them away. This will allow you to reduce the volume of your belongings to be moved and start your new life on the South Shore in a lighter and more organized way.

    Pack with Care

    When packing your stuff, make sure you do it carefully. Use quality packaging materials and protect fragile items by using bubble wrap or protective cushions. Pack similar items together and clearly label each box with its contents and destination piece. This will make it easier to unpack and allow you to quickly find your belongings in your new home.

    Inform your Contacts of the Change of Address

    Before you move, inform your contacts of your change of address. Tell your family, friends, colleagues and relevant organizations about your new address. Update your contact information with your post office, financial institutions, insurance companies and service providers. Make sure your mail will be redirected to your new address.

    Explore your New Neighborhood

    Once settled on the South Shore, take the time to explore your new neighbourhood. Discover local parks, restaurants, shops and services nearby. Learn about community activities and local events. Get involved in neighborhood life to meet new people and quickly feel at home.

    Be Patient and Adaptable

    A move can be a time of transition, so it’s important to be patient and adapt. Give yourself time to adjust to your new environment, familiarize yourself with your new routine, and integrate into the community. Stay open to new experiences and make your move to the South Shore an opportunity for personal growth.

    We have everything you need for your move to the South Shore of Montreal:

    Moving trucks

    Protective mats and padded blankets

    Adhesive strips

    Single-use plastic bags for mattresses

    In addition, Constant Moving means:

    Excellent service.

    Our team of movers is courteous, punctual and available throughout your move. Your satisfaction is our priority, which is why we will always listen to your needs.

    We guarantee that your property will be returned to its original state, without any damage or loss. Handled with delicacy, your belongings are in good hands! In addition, we have basic insurance coverage for better protection of your property.


    Peace of mind assured.

    As the holder of the licence issued by the Quebec Transportation Commission (CTQ), our company provides a quality service. Plus, by using a trusted company for your move, you’re making the best choice!

    Best value for money.
    Very flexible on prices, we make sure to offer you affordable prices, even offering a suitable service if you want cheap move. To get a detailed and accurate price, you can ask us for a free estimate online or by phone.

    South ShoreContact us for a commercial move to the south shore

    A small or large business, a commercial move is a project not to be taken lightly. Indeed, this type of move requires a lot of organization and strategy to ensure a continuity of the company’s business.

    At Constant Moving, we master all the basics of commercial moving. As a result, we put our expertise at your disposal to help you successfully relocate your business. To do this, our movers intervene in your professional room to pack your equipment. After this step, we transport all your items to the new room.

    With our experience in moving and installing furniture, we can help you move quickly, while ensuring the safety of all your belongings. By entrusting us with your business move, you will save time and make a cheap move. In addition, you will significantly reduce the impact of changing addresses on your customers, employees and operations. Don’t hesitate to contact us to make a moving pool tables.

    for your south shore residential move

    Admittedly,residentialmove is less restrictive than commercial removal. However, it is important to organize well to avoid the stress and inconvenience associated with this type of project.

    Whether it’s for a local residential move or a long distance, you can count on our know-how to benefit from tailor-made assistance. We offer a personalized service throughout the South Shore. No matter the volume of your move, our experienced movers will be able to offer you the right solution.

    Move everything with peace of mind with our team

    When moving, it’s important to leave nothing to chance. By soliciting our moving company, you enjoy many advantages. First, our movers are highly skilled and master all the tricks to store your belongings and quickly transfer them from one link to another. In addition, we use suitable packaging to prevent dirt from damaging your belongings while on the move.

    In order to offer you the best South Shore moving services, we use state-of-the-art equipment when disassembling, loading, reassembling and relocating your items. No matter what type of move is in sight, we have the right tools to offer you a quick and qualitative service.

    Get a free quote for your south shore move

    Moving to the South Shore is a project that requires planning. To make a successful change of address without a headache, it is best to entrust the project to a specialist.

    When you contact us for a South Shore move, we first estimate the volume of your move. We then submit a free quote to inform you of the cost of the operation. On your agreement, we reserve the date of your move and depending on your choices, we can take over the operation from start to finish. But, if you want, you can only ask our expertise for the transportation of your belongings or the delivery of a piece of furniture or appliances. In any case, we give our best to help you succeed in your project.

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    They accompanied me through the various stages of my move. I benefited from a bespoke and very efficient service. I highly recommend them!

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    What are the popular neighbourhoods on the South Shore?

    The South Shore has several popular neighbourhoods, each with its own characteristics and advantages. Some popular neighbourhoods include Brossard, Longueuil, Saint-Lambert, and Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville. Find out which neighbourhoods you’re interested in to find the one that best suits your preferences and lifestyle.

    Are there any reputable schools on the South Shore?

    Yes, the South Shore is home to several renowned schools. These include Saint-Louis Elementary School, Jacques-Rousseau High School and Lucille-Teasdale International School. Learn about available educational options and visit schools to make an informed decision.

    How to find a reliable moving company on the South Shore?

    To find a reliable moving company on the South Shore, do some research online and check out customer reviews. Also ask for recommendations from those around you or others who have recently moved to the area. Get detailed quotes, compare the services offered and read the conditions carefully before making your decision.