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    It’s time, you’re determined to lift the anchor. You plan to move as soon as possible. However, there is a question in your head: how is this move going to happen? Or how to make an efficient move without worrying. The answer to this question is Constant Moving: a moving company in Montreal and on the South Shore. We carry out any relocation operation in Varennes with proven professionalism and years of experience in the field.

    residential and commercial varrennes

    Varennes commands admiration according to the concept of the light happiness index. According to this index, Varennes is at the top of the ranking of the happiest cities in the province of Quebec in Canada. Almost all of this credit goes to its people. The Varennois, these authentic Canadians, are in love with each other’s benevolence, but also with the environment. Here, the harmony between industrial, commercial and green spaces is quickly evident. Varennes is beautiful and it would be an understatement to say that it is good to live there.

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    You wonder if it would make more sense to make a move yourself or to use a specialized structure for this task. Some will say that they are more in tune with the first option. However, is this the best one? Certainly not. Indeed, a move is a particularly stressful operation. Even with a high degree of preparation, when you are alone, you are really never convinced that you have achieved everything in the right way. For example, it is possible to misjudge the volume of business to be transferred and buy far too many or not enough boxes. In the first case, you are saddened to have to go and buy it again and in the second, you feel like you have made a waste. Sometimes you may be faced with many situations that you are not necessarily prepared for. Suppose you have breakdowns during the transfer, or your new home doesn’t have an elevator, or the elevator refuses to close after your furniture is introduced… These situations are frequent, they happen much more often than we think. Not to mention the risk of property damage (broken dishes, broken appliances) or the losses that can occur, making your move alone is really painful.

    On the other hand, what do professionals offer? They propose to make the move in its entirety. They have a qualified staff (many years of experience) who move and transport your effects with great attention to detail. They give you the guarantee that your furniture and belongings will not be damaged and that you will find them intact in your new premises. So you don’t have to think about all the ins and outs of your move. Depending on the contract chosen, you will have absolutely nothing to do except wait quietly for the mission to be completed.

    small or large move to varennes

    Constant Moving provides all Montreal and the South Shore with all types of moving services and even delivery services.

    Residential moving

    This is done when you change your apartment or residence. To do this, you have to transfer all your furniture and stuff. We know how to efficiently evaluate the volume of your belongings, how to separate them during storage or how to protect them so as not to deplore any damage. By entrusting us with this task, you are absolving yourself of all responsibility. It is therefore up to our competent team to use their skills and many years of experience to deliver the desired result.

    Commercial moving

    Do you have a structure and want to change premises? You don’t have to look any further. Constant moving is the solution. We make sure that you don’t lose any documents and that your belongings stay in order once the move is complete. Your sensitive devices, such as computers or hard drives, will receive a lot of attention, so that no incidents occur. We are the solution for your move to Varennes.

    Long-distance moving

    When it comes to travelling a long distance with your business, it is best to entrust this task to moving professionals such as Constant Moving. Indeed, the greater the journey, the greater the risk of an accident. Imagine, for example, that your move has to be done by two conveyors. In this case, you will have to travel this very large distance at least twice. Chances are you’ll be totally exhausted by the end of the day. We’re sparing you all this hassle. Our qualified movers take care of everything. For this type of move, we have carrier trucks that have a rather large volume. The goal is to avoid unnecessary back-and-forth.


    Constant Moving also makes a delivery service available to the Varennois. You sell equipment that you have to deliver once the purchase is complete, you have personal belongings or fragile items to transport somewhere, you can count on our company for a quick and secure transport of your business.

    Enticing value for money

    If you doubt the existence of cheap movers, Constant Moving will change your mind. Indeed, relationships with our customers are built on transparency and everything happens in an atmosphere of trust. Our rates are not fixed, they vary to fit your needs. We use techniques that allow us to quantify your needs with great precision, thus avoiding unnecessary expenses. Our prices defy all competition and our ultimate goal is your full satisfaction. For years, we have been working with several clients who demonstrate the effectiveness of our service and our attention to them.

    Safe moves

    When moving, your first fear is that you won’t find your belongings in their original state. Worse, lose your property that has a high sentimental and pecuniary value. With Constant Moving, you have no fear to have. Our expertise and thoroughness allow us to make safe moves to Anjou 100,we hand over your belongings without damage or loss.

    In addition, we carry out all moves with quality equipment frequently cleaned and disinfected:


    Moving trucks


    Protective mats


    Padded blankets


    Single-use plastic bags for mattresses


    Adhesive strips

    Listening, available and punctual,our movers are your true partners when you move, from start to finish. All your heavy, fragile and personal items are in good hands. Constant Moving specializes in:

    Moving your appliances, furniture, boxes and personal items with the removal of your household appliances, furniture, cardboard and personal items

    The commercial move with the removal of your furniture and computer equipment

    with the transport of your heavy and fragile items such as pianos, appliances, sofas and beds

    Whatever your needs, we offer you a turnkey and tailor-made service for transporting your belongings in peace!

    A reliable company at the best price

    Constant moving guarantees you a moving service in Anjou that offers the best value for money!Delicate, meticulous and professional,our team of movers takes care of your items throughout your move and stays tuned and available to keep track of your belongings.

    Working with Constant Moving means benefiting from:

    A competent, punctual and courteous team.
    Constant Moving is committed to meeting all deadlines and providing the highest quality service. We hold our quebec Transportation Commission (CTQ) licence.

    A move without damage or loss. With exemplary conduct and recognized expertise, our team of movers carefully handles all your assets in order to restore them to their original state. In addition, we have basic insurance coverage.


    Transportation without stress or hassle.
    With Constant Moving, you are guaranteed to get a moving service in Anjou of the highest quality and living up to your expectations. Without any nasty surprises, we make your move enjoyable!

    A competitive price.
    Always flexible on prices, Constant Moving guarantees you the best value on the market. Having quality services at the best price is possible! Ask for a free estimate online or by phone.

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    They accompanied me through the various stages of my move. I benefited from a bespoke and very efficient service. I highly recommend them!

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