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    Do you change your house, apartment or commercial premises in Sainte-Julie? Be accompanied in this great step by a moving company in Sainte-Julie professional, reliable and at your disposal: Moving 7 Stars. Specialized in residential moving and commercial moving in Montérégie, Déménagement Constant takes care of the transport of all your goods to your new destination and in complete safety. We guarantee you a fast and easy move in Sainte-Julie! Request a free quote today!


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    Are you looking for a moving company in Sainte-Julie for a residential move or a commercial move? Déménagement Constant offers an experienced and efficient team of movers at your disposal. If you are looking for a fast moving to the best price, Déménagement Constant is the Sainte-Julie removals you need!


    In addition to offering you a quality service at competitive prices, Constant Moving carefully moves all your goods so that they arrive at the right destination in their original state. To effectively protect your personal and business assets, Déménagement Constant has appropriate equipment including straps, covers and protections. In addition, our movers are meticulous and delicate.

    You can be confident during your move in Sainte-Julie.


    Depending on your needs for your move in Sainte-Julie, Déménagement Constant offers a turnkey service that includes packaging, unpacking, loading, transport, assembly, etc. Do not hesitate to tell us about your project!

    Move out with peace of mind

    Déménagement Constant is committed to bringing you a worry-free move to Sainte-Julie! Accompanied by a courteous, smiling and professional team, your move can only go well!


    Déménagement Constant is a company specialized in:


        Residential move

    When you change your condo, your house or your residence, you will need to hire a moving company in Sainte-Julie to move all your furniture to your new address. Fast and efficient, our residential moving service will be done without hassle and without any damage to your property.


        Commercial removals

    When you change your business premises, you have to plan and organize your move in Sainte-Julie effectively so that it does not disrupt the activities of your business. That’s why you need to make your commercial move quickly with reliable and experienced professionals who will take care of your office equipment.



    When you purchase appliances, a piano or a pool table, you must call a delivery company to move these heavy and bulky objects without damage to the correct address. Moving Constant makes this task much easier for you.

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    Are you looking for a moving company in Sainte-Julie for your residential move, commercial move or delivery? Get in touch with Déménagement Constant today by calling (514) 581-8387 and request a free quote!



    Safe moves

    During a move, your first fear is not to find your property in its original state. Worse still, losing your possessions that have a high sentimental and pecuniary value. With Constant Moving, you have no fear to have. Our expertise and our attention to detail enables us to make moves in Anjou 100% secure, we will remit your belongings without damage or loss.



    In addition, we carry out all removals with quality equipment frequently cleaned and disinfected:

    Moving trucks


    Protective mats


    Padded blankets


    Plastic bags for your matresses


    Adhesive tapes

    Listening, available and punctual, our movers are your true partners in your move from start to finish. All your heavy, fragile and personal objects are in good hands. Déménagement Constant specializes in:

    The residential move with the movement of your appliances, your furniture, your boxes and your personal belongings

    The commercial move with the moving of your furniture and your computer equipment

    The delivery

    with the transport of your heavy and fragile objects such as pianos, appliances, sofas and beds

    Whatever your needs, we offer a turnkey service and tailor-made for a transport of your goods in peace!


    a reliable moving company

    Déménagement Constant guarantees you a removal service in Anjou that offers the best value for money! Delicate, thorough and professional, our team of movers takes care of your objects throughout your move and remains at your disposal and available to track your property.

    A competent, punctual and courteous team.

    Déménagement Constant is committed to respecting all agreed deadlines and rendering a service of the highest quality. We hold our license from the Commission des transports du Québec (CTQ).

    A move without damage or loss. With exemplary conduct and recognized expertise, our team of movers carefully handles all your belongings in order to restore them to their original state. In addition, we have basic insurance coverage.

    Transport without stress or hassle.

    With Moving Constant, you can be sure to find a removal service in Anjou that is of the highest quality and in keeping with your expectations. Without any nasty surprises, we make your move pleasant!

    A competitive price.

    Always flexible on prices, Déménagement Constant guarantees you the best quality / price ratio of the market. Have quality services at the best price, this is possible! Request a free estimate online or by phone.

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    Do you want to entrust your residential or commercial move in Anjou to a reliable, punctual and quality conscious company?

    To do this, contact Déménagement Constant at (514) 220-3505.


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