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    Long-distance move to Montreal

    We can all one day have to move very far from our usual home. A professional transfer or a family situation can cause such a change of residence. You may even have to leave your province of residence. When this type of travel is to be made from Montreal to another destination, the mission can be more tedious than expected. You will have to complete the paperwork and do everything you can to ensure that your belongings arrive at your destination in good condition. Why handle the stress of this move on your own? Moving Constant helps you through its professional service.

    What is a long-distance move?


    Moving professionals have classification criteria for each trip. The value of such a distinction rests on the determination of the equipment and pricing associated with it. If your new home is more than 70 km from your old home, you are making a long-distance move. In this case, any company will charge you more than usual. That’s why you have to choose the cheapest company for such a project. Travel from Montreal to Ajax, Montreal to Aurora to Montreal-Barrie, for example, is included in long-distance projects. What does Constant Moving offer for its customers?

    Planning your project


    Travel of more than 70 km is not ordinary. We need to put in place a well-developed plan. Otherwise, the project may go wrong. It is therefore not enough to entrust your move to any company. It must have experience in the field of long-distance transport. Everything has to be defined in advance from moving goods to storing and transporting them. Constant offers a professional synchronization of your move. This allows you to save more time and optimize the comfort of life in your new home. You plan to move from Montreal to Belleville. Our agency will assist you in packing and unpacking luggage. Our experts will be able to establish a chronological order according to which each object will be stored. All this is done to avoid possible damage during the journey and to be able to find certain objects more easily. For several years, we have earned the trust of our customers in this type of travel. We have made numerous moves from Montreal-Brampton, Montreal-Brantford and Montreal-Burlington. Our team masters the road linking the Quebec metropolis to other cities. So you can trust us for your moves to the cities of Caledon, Cambridge or Chatham kent. Constant moving is distinguished by the quality of its services. We make listening to the customer our leitmotif. You can tell us the order and time you wish to receive your property. Whatever your destination city, we offer you satisfaction. So you can trust us for your Montreal-Clarington, Montreal-Cornwall and Montreal-Fort Erie projects.
    Services for all

    Our team is trained for professional and residential long-distance removals. We have the right logistics for a business relocation from the city of Montreal. Companies often have a large volume of equipment to move. As a result, it is impossible for them to do everything at the same time. Constant Moving offers its service of storing your items. They will be stored in good conditions until they are delivered. No matter where your business now plans to set up shop: Greater, Sudbury, Orangeville, Joliette.

    Competitive pricing

    The transport of effects over a long distance is certainly expensive. But our company makes it easier for its customers. We offer prices that defy all competition. You can submit your quote request online. The price of your move will be estimated fairly quickly. You will notice that we are the cheapest company operating in Montreal. At your request, we can travel home for a better estimate. Indeed, our experts have the experience to evaluate your moving volume. They will be able to tell you exactly how many movers and what type of truck you need. This will save you money. Our agency is committed to providing you with the best quality-price service. Our rates are low, but our service is quality. You can also take advantage of our grouping service. This is one of the best ways to move cheaper over a long distance. This applies to those who do not have a large volume to carry. We collect the effects of households or businesses that wish to move to Gaspè Hull, Orillia or Niagara falls for example. Our grouping moving list can be found on our website.

    Our logistics for your move


    We do everything we can to satisfy our customers. To do this, we regularly renew our fleet. We have the latest generation of trucks. They are all equipped with new technologies. So you can follow us on the way without moving. They are robust equipment suitable for all types of road networks. From Montreal to Shawinigan, County or Toronto, we take as little time as possible to make the delivery. You have nothing to fear for your items, in our utilities they are safe from shocks and bad weather.

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