No matter what type of move you want to make, it’s never been an easy affair. Poor organization and management of cartons can lead to significant consequences such as wasted time and money. That is why it is best to follow the advice of people or structures experienced in this kind of message. In Greater Montreal, our company Déménagement Constant gives you 5 tips for the success of your move.

1- Plan your move well

Moving planning

The move cannot be improvised, it is planned faithfully over time. When you decide to move away from your usual dwelling, you will have to give your landlord your notice. This is the beginning of a real marathon to concoct the schedule of your move without forgetting anything in passing.

Once developed, the schedule can be hung on the door of the family fridge or on a visible place. Thus, the day of departure is clear for everyone. No more arguments like “I didn’t know”!

A successful move has practical phases:
• Contact a moving company in order to have the best movers, to know the price of the operations to plan the moving budget;
• Have enough boxes for packaging;
• Have an efficient moving carrier, etc.

If you make the right arrangements in time, your belongings will be packed in the best conditions. The movers or the moving company that is in charge, will just pick up your belongings on D-Day.

2- Make your boxes and sort…

When moving, you will be asked to pack your belongings in boxes and this is an essential exercise to do. You must start this task as soon as possible to get rid of objects that will no longer serve you in your new home.

Make sure you have strong and not too bulky boxes. You can buy them from relatives in supermarkets or you can let the mover provide them, if this is included in the moving budget.

For the filling of cartons, balancing and compaction must be observed. For example, put heavy objects at the bottom of the cardboard and finish with things that are lighter in height.

In addition, you will have to make your boxes intelligently by doing a lot of sorting. You can donate the belongings you no longer use to your loved ones or donate them to associations that support the most disadvantaged, such as Emmaus. These simple gestures of generosity will allow you to lighten your packaging.

3- Opt for professional movers

Organizing the move only with family members can be a difficult task. A moving company or a specialized company is a solution to consider to help you in the transport of your belongings.

Find specialized companies nearby and check out their reviews to choose the one that is competent. You can then benefit from the experiences of expert movers by comparing the services and the price of a move.

4- Make a list of your personal belongings

Before the move, you’ll need to make a list of your belongings to make sure you’re taking with you in your new home. This is an essential step to not forget anything after the start.

When you want to store your belongings with your loved ones or with a family member, mark your boxes with a colored marker indicating their contents and fragilities.

The list of belongings will make it easier for you to organize the different rooms of your new home.

5- Admiring approaches are to be taken into account

Administrative procedures - moving


Several paperwork must be completed before moving into your new apartment. The move involves significant administrative changes. Notice of departure must be sent. You will have to transfer your application to your new address and change with the public structures.

To stay away from unpleasant surprises and be guaranteed to move with confidence, it is undeniable to take these steps before you move in.

Moreover, Déménagement Constant provides you with its professional help to help you make your admiring steps. Whether it is the residential move, the public move, the industrial move or the commercial move, we take care of all your administrative papers to allow you to move in on time.
We cover the entire Greater Montreal area (Laval, the municipalities of Montreal, North Shore, South Shore, Longueuil, Blainville, Brossard, Point-Aux-Temple, Anjou, Saint-Léonard…) and its surroundings. In a few words, our expert movers help you in your moving project.