Moving, whether residential or commercial, is a difficult operation to carry out and can even become stressful if you do not know the tips and tricks. Fortunately, in Greater Montreal,you have our company, Déménagement Constant, which specializes in moving of all kinds. Among our many years of experience, we share with you 7 tips to successfully operate a residential move.

1. Choose the right moving date

Planning d3rd professional move between girls

When the residential move is a personal matter, it is not good to do it at any time. In fact, whether on the North Shore, on the South Shore or anywhere in Greater Montreal, the move is seasonal. This means that between May and September and towards the end of December of each year, demand is high. Right now, many moving companies won’t have time. So, we recommend that you choose to move in low season.

2. Careful selection of your belongings

In a residence, not everything in it is good to pick up or is not useful when it comes time to move. It is then necessary to sort the goods. In reality, to succeed in your residential move, you do not have to move all the objects that are in your home. It is then up to you to ask yourself what are the objects that are quite important. It is therefore a choice that you are called to make in order to separate what you want to keep and what you want to throw away since it serves no purpose. This means that you should not clutter your new apartment with your old unimportant objects. As a result, we advise you to do this personal work before the moving company takes care of everything else.

3. Be content with nutritional necessities

Omitted the fact that you must make the selection of your belongings, it is not superfluous to remember that you must also empty your cupboards, refrigerators or freezers. Since your move is a few weeks away, it wouldn’t be prudent to continue refueling quite excessively. The most obvious thing is to try to exhaust both the food and drinks or other food that are still in your pantry. Making a light move is highly desired.

4. Find appropriate packaging and accessories

cardboard packaging for a residential move

It is a question of finding boxes or crates that will be used to pack all your objects. Since the products to be packaged are not the same, the containers to be used in this context will not be identical. In addition to boxes, it is also recommended to have adhesive tapes, chisels, sheets that will be used to cover objects to prevent them from being dusty when you arrive in your new apartment. It is not always easy to find these boxes. You can save yourself the hassle by going to a residential moving company like our company. We have everything you need for secure packaging.

5. Packing your belongings

Once the moving items are in focus, will come the packing phase which is crucial to the success of your residential move.

Starting a package on the eve of its departure is not too advisable since it will not allow you to adopt a more organized style in your operation. The best is to start this work as early as possible in order to avoid last-minute stresses. Here too, it is necessary to make a selection in order to know which objects can remain in the same boxes. It even happens that you are called upon to keep on you in person certain objects that you consider quite fragile.

These are all attention to pay to your furniture so that the services of a professional company is the best solution. We therefore strongly recommend the services of the company Déménagement Constant. In fact, we have the expertise, all the necessary elements and the right manpower to carry out this mission.

6. The actual move

This is the highly anticipated phase, the D-day. Under no circumstances can you be forbidden to do so yourself. But the most advisable is to talk to a professional in the field. This will allow you to be relieved and save time. In addition, moving companies most often have insurance that will be willing to compensate you in case one of your objects has a particular problem during transport. And the most timely company is Déménagement Constant. One thing is certain and indisputable, we have the necessary means of transport and only designed for the transport of your objects. The delivery of your packaging to your new residence will not be difficult for us, because we are professionals in this field.

7. Settling into your new home

Once you arrive at your new home, this same company will take care of unpacking your packaging and installing the heavy furniture according to your convenience. It shall also have at that level the necessary and qualified staff to ensure the effective execution of such a task. So you won’t have to worry anymore.

In short, it should be remembered that the residential move may seem complicated to you. Just follow these tips to make it successful. Do not forget to use our services.