At any time and in any place, it is at the time of the move that we realize that we have a lot of business. However, during the move, not all objects are packed. Some can be considered as products to be recycled while others as bulky waste. Added to this classification, there are also the things to pack that are still usable. The question that concerns many people is by what process to dispose of bulky waste.

Keep quiet! You have several options that will allow you to serve yourself from troublesome items. Discover in this article some tips that can allow you to manage your bulky waste without great complexity.

First tip: Non-recyclable waste collection associations

There are several organizations that work for the protection of the environment. For this purpose, they organize an environmental collection from time to time in order to rid nature of bulky residues. They usually collect technology residues, information and communication. They also collect hazardous household debris.

These include, among others, information and communication technology residues:

  • Laptops:
  • Televisions;
  • Cell phones;
  • Printers;
  • The old radio.

Hazardous household waste includes all kinds of oils, paints and aerosols. If you have some of the above-mentioned elements, simply deposit them at the precise place where the collection organizations collect the residues of all the inhabitants of the area concerned.

They make sure to collect the remainder in an ecological and responsible way. This avoids congestion in landfills.

Tip Two: Listing Items

The garage sale is an alternative that allows you to get rid of items that you no longer need. The only advantage in this case is that you enjoy the proceeds from the sale. To get to sell your items, you have a plethora of methods. First, you can publish an advertisement in your local newspaper, in the office newsletter or on the internet.

If you want, you can quickly find buyers, using a garage sales professional. Instead of paying him out of pocket, he will just take a portion of the revenue. Apart from these procedures, you can also pay the fee for booking a space with the flea market organizers so that you can expose your merchandise to everyone and especially to the sight of opportunity hunters.

You also have the opportunity to inquire with local shops. Some may buy your items, others may agree to display them to you in their store to help you find potential buyers.

However, when you have antiques or collectibles in your possession, it is advisable to offer your objects directly to antique dealers. If you present them with good items, they will make you great offers.

Third tip: donation

If instead of selling your items, you prefer to make donations, here are some ideas for you. First, you can donate your items to charities. To do this, you must inquire with the thrift stores responsible for collecting funds for charitable organizations. It is advisable to request a detailed receipt for tax purposes.

If you have technological objects such as computers for example, you can donate them to schools. On the other hand, if you have books and magazines, go to libraries. Donate your sports equipment, video games and CDs to youth centres, as young people who stay will make good use of it.

Homeless shelters, religious centers and community centers need your clothes, blankets, bedding and toys more. They will be happy to welcome you with open arms.

You also have the option of entrusting your items to organizations that will sell them to raise funds. The most classic gift to make is to offer these objects to our loved ones or to new couples who are really in need.

Tip Four: Recycling

It is possible to recycle all your objects that you want to get rid of. Among other things, papers, newspapers, motor oil, hazardous materials, etc. can be recycled. However, before recycling these objects, you must inquire with the municipality of your locality.

It is not recommended to throw your old batteries and batteries in the garbage during your move. This is indeed a danger to the environment. There are recycling depots for this type of object. In the same vein, it is not recommended to throw away old cell phones, USB sticks and other vintage stereo chains, because these contain toxic materials. On the other hand, you can put in the trash a broken wine glass during your move.