Of all the rooms in a house, the first one to take care of when moving should be the garage. Indeed, this room is often used as a storage room and storage of souvenirs. Over time, it becomes a place where all those things to get rid of when sorting for moving are located. In order to avoid stress, start with this room. To do this, here are some tips that Déménagement Constant often gives to its customers.

Start by sorting objects

For a residential move, the first step is to sort the objects. This is the time for you to stumble upon things you no longer thought you would have. In the garage, classify the things in the garage into 4 categories. The first category is the things you care about and plan to take with you to the next home.

The second is things that need to go to the trash or recycling. The third is items that are no longer useful to you, but can sell. The last category is items (often clothing) that you can donate to charity.

Packing goods properly

This stage of the Montreal move cannot be overlooked. When it comes to packing garage items, you will need boxes of various sizes. The reason is that not all your stuff has the same volume. These containers must also be strong enough to contain relatively large weight elements.

So that when storing the boxes in the truck, the Déménagement Constant team knows how to proceed without damaging your belongings, mark each package. For this purpose, you will need to have an indelible ink marker. To close the different boxes, you will use adhesive tape. It must be broad enough. Some objects due to their fragility should not be put in the boxes. Wrap them with newspaper or plastic. Do the same for sharp objects.

Avoid making packages that are too big that you can’t carry them. And even if you manage to transport these heavy boxes, they could crush the other boxes stacked in the Montreal truck. Some objects that are too large (furniture, bicycles, etc.) will be difficult to transport. So if possible, take them apart. They will be easier to get into the truck and will not take up too much space.

Disposing of some relatively dangerous objects

There are certain things that are forbidden to carry during a residential move. However, these objects are often found in garages. No moving company will want to transport them. These objects are:

  • gasoline containers;
  • propane tanks;
  • paint cans;

These are, as you have noticed, flammable products. To get rid of it, contact a recovery center. This is the safest option. Since you cannot leave your equipment on gasoline, their tanks will have to be emptied of their contents. Among these equipment, there is the mower, the scooter, etc.

Identify the packaged cartons

For a successful move, it is recommended to identify the containers. On each box, use a color marker and write what is in it. On boxes that will still contain fragile objects, stick a printed label. We advise you to use labels with a glass of wine pictogram. If you do not have a label, simply write “Fragile” on a large scale on each box containing a fragile element.

Rent a van or hire moving professionals

A residential move usually requires help from third parties. To move your garage, you must plan several days in advance a truck whose characteristics suit your needs. It will be positioned in front of the garage. This is how Déménagement Constant’s teams most often proceed to avoid having to carry heavy loads by hand over several meters. That’s why you need to call on Montreal moving professionals. This will save you time that you will use to complete other steps related to the move. For each mission, the price of the move is calculated according to the needs of the client and very fairly.

Clean the garage

Cleaning is an integral part of moving a garage and an entire house for that matter. This is almost the last step since it follows the packaging of the boxes and their loading into the truck. During the move, you had to produce dust in large quantities as well as waste. Using a broom, clean the entire garage. The Déménagement Constant staff can help you with this if it is included in the quote.