A move is not always an easy task. It is usually necessary to follow steps and set up a good organization to get by. The ecological move therefore seems even more complicated to achieve. However, by relying on good advice, the work is more affordable. Discover here 5 tips to move to the green.

Do a big cleaning before the move

Prioritize cleaning when moving to the green. This step is crucial for the move, but also for the ecological action you want to take. During the cleaning, you will be able to sort your belongings and decide what will or will not go to the trash. It is advisable to organize your belongings in three piles during the household. The first battery will be for goods and items in good condition and the second will accommodate reusable items. As for the third battery, it will consist of non-reusable goods that will end up in the trash.

In addition, you can take advantage of the cleaning to check the rodent infestation or the bed bug infestation. You wouldn’t want to drive these pests into your new habitat. So proceed to their extermination. It would also be advisable to ensure that your new home does not include invading animals.

Pack your belongings and belongings in boxes to move

After doing the three piles of business, it’s time to move on to packing the goods. Whether it’s a public move or an industrial move, you’ll need boxes to store your belongings. You can use the old boxes or ask for them at your local grocery store. Go to your garage or shed to pick up the boxes lying around. When it comes to packing sensitive items, just use your towel or arrange them in the middle of old clothes. In this way, you will avoid investing in bubble wrap.

Use eco-friendly tricks to get packaging boxes

You can resort to the use of various tips and ecological tips to avoid buying cartons. Some useful storage and accessories are often overlooked when moving. Storage bins as well as your plastic bin can be used as storage to move in an environmentally friendly way. In addition, you do not have to empty cabinets and drawers of dressers, because they can keep a good part of your belongings. This trick is also used by THE EXPERT MOVERS to optimize the space.

Contact a company specializing in moving

It is possible to move little by little using your car or renting that of a loved one. However, this option will waste enough time and does not encourage ecology. It would therefore be better to use a moving company. Such a company has the necessary logistical means for a smooth move.

A moving company has many moving trucks among which you can find the right vehicle that would make it possible to make the move in a few trips. Thus, energy waste will be avoided. You will also have access to various packages depending on whether you are a commercial or live in a residential dwelling. Also, you have the possibility to use a moving carrier who will only take care of the transport of your goods.

For your MOVE TO LAVAL OR MONTREAL, you can count on the services of Déménagement Constant, a moving company located in the GREATER MONTREAL area. It also operates in the municipalities of LONGEUIL, RIVE-NORD, RIVE-SUD, POINTE-AUX-TREMBLES, SAINT-LÉONARD, ANJOU, BLAINVILLE and BROSSARD. It should be remembered that you will need to plan a moving budget before contacting a moving company.

Request a quote of the cost of the move

Some companies proceed to the submission of the price of a move. You can therefore ask them for a quote of the costs that your move will entail. Depending on the company chosen, it is possible to benefit from a free quote of this quote. You will be able to choose the best mover according to the prices he offers. In addition, check the services offered to choose the ideal mover. For example, you will need a piano mover if you have equipment of this kind. Also make sure that the professional’s habits are in line with your desire to move to the green.

Donate goods you no longer use

To complete your move in an ecological way, you can offer the goods that you no longer use to associations. It can be clothes, musical instruments or sports. Many people in need will be delighted to have them. You can send these goods using delivery services.

With these various tips for moving to the green, you can now start the process. You will discover all the happiness of this experience and you will be able to share tips with your loved ones.