If by nature, any move is stressful, it is all the more so when the deadline is short enough. Do you have 1 week to move? This may seem impossible to you. Fortunately there are tips to move within this time. First of all, be aware that it will not be easy. Moving Constant reveals here all the tips to move in less than a week.

Plan all activities to be carried out

Now that you are aware that the move will not be easy, you need to take a moment to plan it. Any planned action is more likely to succeed than an improvised action. You may not be on your first move. Nevertheless, be aware that every move is unique. Then you should not neglect any step.

You need to take a sheet of paper and a pen and list all the actions to be taken. These actions can be converted into steps. If you want your long-distance move to go smoothly in less than a week, follow each of the steps in order. Do not forget to include in the steps the one relating to administrative procedures. One of the steps may be to call the professional movers of “Déménagement Constant“.

Fill up on packaging

For a
residential move
, it is certain that you will need boxes and packaging of all kinds. Go to the store to get some. Above all, do not skimp on the quantity. This will save you from having to go back to the store several times to pick up more. But time is what you have the least.

Don’t forget to also get adhesive strips as well as scissors and markers. Don’t have enough money to buy boxes? Ask your local grocer if they could give you their empty boxes.

Ask for help


Friends and relatives, you certainly have some. In a week, it is almost humanly impossible for you to be ready to move if you do not ask for their help. Enjoy the able-bodied arms of your colleagues and family members. In addition, it will make you realize significant savings. All you have to do is rent a utility for the long-distance move.

If you plan to seek help from family and friends, don’t forget to arrange a snack for them. A few juices and pizzas will do the trick. All this will be proof of your gratitude to them. This way, you will share your last moments in this house in the company of people you love.

Take only the essentials of business

The step to packing the stuff is the most time-consuming of the entire residential moving process. The more stuff you have to pack, the more time you’ll need to spend there. But the latter is a commodity that you lack.

Sort through your belongings accumulated over many years. Remember only the ones you will really need in your next home. As for other cases, you can put them up for sale on marketplaces or entrust them to acquaintances even if it means coming back to pick them up later. You can also give them to friends who have helped you pack the packages.

Dropping the organized move

We know you want to make a perfect Montreal move . And for this, you plan to label each of the boxes before piling them on top of each other. Unfortunately, this organization is time-consuming and is not really essential to the move.

So, we recommend that you do only what it takes to have all your belongings together in your next residence. Once you are settled there, you can take several weeks to put everything back in order. The most important thing is to move in less than a week.

Take care of most of the details

Do not think that the fact of not complying with the usual rules of organization, you can do without all the details. Often, residential moving times are both stressful and distracting. There are, however, details that should not be overlooked. One of them is to inform the competent authorities of your change of address.

You should also consider terminating all your home service contracts. This is the supply of gas, electricity, internet, etc. If you can, transfer these services to your next residence.

Solicit professional cleaners

It is obvious that for a long-distance move, you do not have time to devote to cleaning the accommodation you are leaving. You must then request professional cleaning services.

Déménagement Constant
has a rich list of partners who can rid your home of all dirt. In addition to helping you integrate your next home, we offer many other services. This is the commercial move and the delivery of all your packages throughout Greater Montreal.