The success of a moving project usually requires a good preparation of the goods to be moved. For this, the ideal would be to use a moving company to take advantage of quality services. If, however, you are considering moving without the help of expert movers, it would be nice not to underestimate the importance of packing and packing moving boxes. Discover here the tips to prepare your move.

Why use a storage unit?

Many homes are not equipped with large storage boxes. For this purpose, the use of a storage unit is the ideal solution.

For a move in peace

In many cases, a move is a source of stress and worry. Everything can go very slowly or on the contrary very quickly in the realization of this project. For example, it may happen that you have already sold your property before you can find a new one. In this case, it is necessary to find an alternative to keep the furniture, the time to arrange at home. For this purpose, furniture storage is the solution to free you from any stress. In practice, they allow you to safely store your furniture while you find a new home.

To preserve your furniture during the work

During a home renovation, the biggest fear we often have is to damage the furniture. Whether it’s paint dripping on furniture or dust accumulating on it, anything can happen during the work. With this in mind, it is important to protect the various pieces of furniture to prevent them from suffering significant damage. In the absence of an attic or cellar, the most practical and appropriate solution is to bet on the use of a storage box. In other words, your furniture will be well kept safe.

What is the difference between a storage unit and self storage?

In general, a furniture storage, just like a self-storage space, allows you to safely store your personal belongings. However, the major difference between these two services is in terms of access to stored goods.

A storage unit often takes the configuration of an individual sealed container. Thus, in the majority of cases, the user can no longer access it as he wishes, after having deposited his effects. Whether it is to pick up an item or to drop off a new one, a fee will be required to access your belongings. In addition, if you plan to rent such a space, it could involve signing a fixed-term contract.

Self storage, on the other hand, offers much more flexibility and freedom. In addition to giving access to his storage space in complete autonomy, the user is the only one to have the key of his storage box. As a result, he has the possibility to arrange it according to his preferences. Similarly, he can change the size of his box according to the evolution of his need. In the case of a rental, the user is able to change the duration of his contract without any risk of penalty. Self storage therefore represents the best mix combining flexibility, freedom, price included, for the secure storage of effects.

Use constant moving to properly prepare your moving boxes

Beyond the use of furniture storage or self storage, the ultimate solution to move safely is to use a moving company. For this purpose, if you are in Montreal in this case in the North Shore or the South Shore, you can make Déménagement Constant your trusted partner. Whether it is a residential or commercial move, these specialists offer you a service that perfectly meets your needs.

With his expertise, this piano mover is responsible for dismantling the furniture, packing it and moving everything with care using a moving carrier. In addition, the company has an efficient and dynamic delivery service in the regions of Longueuil, Brossard, Saint-Léonard, Blainville and Pointe-Aux-Trembles. Whether as part of a public move or an industrial move, all the equipment is available to offer you a high-end service.

By using Déménagement Constant, you can get a free quote for all moving or storage services. In practice, simply fill out the quote form in order to quickly get a quote. This approach allows you to have a clear idea of the price of a move. Thus, you will be able to better establish your moving budget without worrying about it.

In France, you also have the possibility to make a move to Laval or Anjou, for example. In addition, do not hesitate to call on Déménagement Constant to take advantage of the wise advice of the best mover.