Have you found the property of your dreams? Have you just signed your lease or the purchase of your property? You must already think about your future move. You ask yourself the fateful question before making your first submission: how much will my move cost me? When looking for a moving company, we can not be insensitive to the price. To better understand how a price is established, discover the different criteria that influence the price of the move.

The period of the move

All moves in June, July, August and September will be more expensive than winter moves. Indeed, during the summer season, movers are in high demand and are sometimes full with one to two months in advance. The moves around July 1st are those that will incur a real financial investment for homeowners and tenants. If possible, it is best to avoid this period if you want to save money on your move.
During the winter, the price of moves is down and some companies even offer special discounts.

The extent of the move

Evaluate in advance the quantity and volume of goods to be transported. A move is an opportunity to get rid of unnecessary items and make a big deal in one’s business. Keeping only your goods and essentials, you can assess the extent of your move.
The more goods and items you have, the higher the price of the move. Just sort your items before asking for a quote.

The duration of the move

The longer your move, the more expensive the price will be. Most moving companies offer rates per hour, rest assured that the estimate is realistic so as not to see your bill inflated on D day. Several factors impact the duration of your move including the amount of material to carry , the size of your home and the distance to travel between the two addresses.
Indeed, the more objects you have to carry, the longer the move. The larger the size of your home, the longer it takes to move. The longer your move is over long distances, the higher the cost of your move. Also, if there are many floors and no elevator, the duration of your move will also tend to be higher.

Moving equipment

When you move, your belongings and belongings must absolutely be protected for safe transportation. If you do not have protective equipment, your moving company can provide you with: boxes, blankets, tape, etc. But fees will be added to your bill.
If you opt for a turnkey service that includes the assembly / disassembly of your furniture, the packaging of your goods or the storage of your items, the price of your move will be much more expensive.



To obtain a reliable and accurate quote for your move, we advise you to give as much information as possible to your mover to avoid unpleasant surprises. Make sure you get a fixed price and no extra charges will be added to your bill. To have a reliable quote and to know the real price of your move, call Déménagement Constant by calling (514) 220-3505.