It is not always easy to live alone in a rental. In these conditions, it is best to choose to live in a shared flat. This state of affairs obviously has considerable advantages. That’s why it’s not uncommon to see people living together in Greater Montreal and everywhere on both shores. But, if we analyze closely, it is clear that staying in a shared apartment has disadvantages.


What are the undeniable benefits of living in a shared flat?

Staying in the same accommodation with other people can seem quite nice since it has many advantages.

How can living in a shared apartment be advantageous?

First, roommates allow you to live in a more spacious apartment. If you choose to live alone, you will not need to have an apartment of a large area. It is exactly the opposite when you are in a roommate since it allows you to be offshore.

Then, roommates give you the freedom to get to know enough people. Especially when you are new to one of Montreal’smunicipalities, it allows you to make enough friends as soon as possible. It saves you from boredom since you will always have topics for discussion between you. In addition, roommates allow you to interact with people you would never have the chance to meet. Together, you will spend unforgettable moments and social ties are strengthened.

Finally, in colocation you will improve your skills in various areas. For example, this kind of housing allows you to live with people who come from other cultures. So you will have the chance to learn enough of their culture and your language skills will be rich.

Other advantages of colocation

Living in a flatshare: kitchen

It is true that living as a roommate is synonymous with living in a larger apartment. But you won’t have to pay the rent alone. This is the case for many other expenses of your home such as electricity costs, water bills and other possible expenses. In addition, you can distribute the different groceries related to your accommodation. You won’t be alone in shopping. This is to say that in colocation the burdens are shared.

Also, colocation is favorable to landlords. Indeed, roommates allow them to rent their building at prices a little higher than normal. It also allows them to avoid looking for other tenants when one of them leaves the apartment because the other tenants take care of it.

The purchase of movable property and household appliances is everyone’s responsibility.

Living alone today is not advisable especially when you are a student, because roommates seem very interesting.

Unity is strength, it is said. As a student, roommates allow you to escape loneliness. With your roommates, you can conduct debates on topics, which avoids boredom. Better yet, you have the facility to form study groups in order to increase your academic knowledge.

In addition, the maintenance of your home will no longer prevent you from studying since the various tasks are only your responsibility. You will therefore have time to devote yourself to your studies.

The most important thing is that your budget will not exceed you since expenses are limited.

It is therefore not refutable that community life can involve some disagreements, but if you know how to choose your roommates well, they can bring a grain of happiness in your life. They may seem like your second family, because they are with you in good times and bad.

But there are not only advantages. The bad side of roommate life is obvious.

What are the disadvantages of roommates?

Living in a flatshare: aggressiveness

The disadvantages of community life are of several kinds. In other words, roommate life is not always radiant because it is not for everyone.

At first, you still won’t have the chance to come across roommates who are to your liking. This makes cohabitation sometimes unpleasant. And it is not easy to adapt to the lives of others. This is one of the reasons why choosing your roommates should be made wisely.

On the other hand, you no longer have your former tranquility. In reality, if you are a student, there will be some of these roommates who will prevent you from sleeping or revising your classes because of their noise. Some friends may want to live in the mood for as long as possible.

One piece of advice we can give you is to set ground rules to avoid disagreements with your roommates. For example, you need to assign yourself the different tasks of your apartment.

Roommates can force you to accept some unpleasant characters from your roommate. However, this may seem quite difficult since you are not of the same nature. The righttrick is to get to know yourself better before you get into cohabitation.

That’s why it’s important to set rules at the very beginning of your life together. This will avoid discord between you. There is also a solidarity clause that will exempt you from paying all the rent in case of default of your roommate. Living in a flatshare is therefore not easy if you have not prepared in advance.