When moving, homeowners and tenants tend to rush, without taking the time to properly plan and organize their move, wrongly. It is at this point that many mistakes are made and their repercussions can make D day more complex or even more expensive. To avoid a catastrophic move, discover the mistakes to avoid at all costs for a successful move!



1. Plan your move at the last minute


During a change of job, during a conflict with its owner or neighbors or during a bedbug infestation, last-minute removals may be unavoidable. But if you have a choice, the sooner you plan to move, the more time you’ll have to plan the day and avoid mistakes.

It’s important to know that during the summer months, movers are quickly booked and your date may be unavailable. During this season, you must book your date with your moving company several months in advance. During the winter season, last-minute moves are simpler and more frequent, but do not make the mistake of rushing.

2. Choose a moving company at random


In a rush, you only visit 2-3 websites and contact a single mover. This is a good practice … to choose wrong mover! Indeed, the more you take the time to compare companies, their offers and their services, the less mistakes you will make. In Quebec, there are thousands of moving companies, but they are not all reliable and professional.

Take the time to shop, read recommendations, find out about services and call for an accurate quote based on your move. Take the time to analyze your submissions so you do not have to pay expensive hidden fees!

3. Establish a bad preparation

The more organized your move is, the easier it will be to move! The move requires many unattractive tasks: sorting, packaging, storage, labeling, etc. Yet these tasks are of utmost importance for a simplified move.

If you do not take the time to do a big sorting and get rid of your unnecessary items, your move will not be optimal because you will only transfer old useless items to your new place of life. Also, when you make your boxes, you do not have to fill them to the brim at all costs, this technique will only increase the weight of your cartons and reduce their strength. Then, you must absolutely think about labeling your boxes to quickly identify its contents. It will also be easier to store your boxes once there.


We advise you to avoid these three big mistakes in order to live a hassle-free move. In addition, we also recommend that you notify your neighbors in advance of your move, as moving the property is particularly noisy. You can call on a reliable and professional residential moving and relocation company: Constant Moving. To do this, call today at (514) 220-3505.