Are you planning a change of office, office or business? Your commercial move is not to be taken lightly, on the contrary. With good planning, your commercial move will be a real success! The goal is that your move does not disrupt the activities of your company or your employees. Discover some simple and effective tips for a well prepared and organized commercial move.


Communicate with your colleagues


A move is a big step in the life of a business. Whether it is for larger, more convenient or better placed premises or for expanding the team, a commercial move is of the utmost importance. This is why you must communicate this decision to your employees as soon as possible. A move requires a great deal of logistics, your employees and your employees will also have to participate for a simpler and more efficient commercial move.Do not hesitate to share with them the reasons for the move, precise information on the new location, as well as than collect their different opinions.


Establish a moving date


To avoid unpleasant surprises, it is important to anticipate the date of your commercial move as soon as possible. To do this, consult your calendar, as well as the various commercial activities planned during the period of the move. To plan your move well, choosing the date is the first step. You can then better plan the various tasks related to your commercial move.


Find your movers!

Once the date of your move has been decided, you can shop the different moving companies. Of course, it is better to select a company accustomed to commercial removals. Its expertise and know-how will allow you a hassle-free and unpleasant move.Valuable advice can be sent to you to avoid mistakes.


Start the big cleaning


In offices and businesses, multiple files and documents are found in the shelves. The move is an opportunity to sort all the documents and throw away those you do not need. If you want to change furniture or if some of your belongings do not suit you anymore, this is also the perfect time to get rid of them before moving them unnecessarily. Contact your staff to arrange sorting and storage. their personal documents before the move.You can already prepare your cards and label them.



Protect your computers


Computers, servers or printers are high-value hardware. That’s why you have to make sure that nothing will be damaged during the move. This stage is often one of last before the day because its usefulness is indisputable. Start with an inventory of all your computer equipment and carefully pack it. Make sure to protect all your computer data.


Get confortable !

D-day has arrived! Take the opportunity to discover your new premises, to imagine the future decoration and new locations. Make your employees discover your new premises Do not forget to change your address on your official documents and institutions.


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