How to move fragile objects safely?

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Moving has never been easy. This requires following steps and taking precautions with regard to the movement of fragile objects. Thus, it will be necessary to pack each object well so as not to damage them. However, many do not know how to go about it. However, there are simple and effective ways to move fragile objects safely. As moving specialists in Greater Montreal, we give you some tips to get there.

Sort and put labels on each box before starting the move

Do not make your move in a hurry. You must first sort the various fragile objects you own. Thus, it will be necessary to classify each article, by category. You will therefore have on one side the most fragile and on the other, the least fragile. Thanks to this sorting, you will be able to better arrange each object during the move.

In addition, in order to distinguish them, you can put labels on the boxes. So, after doing your sorting, take the trouble to make this gesture. This will also facilitate transportation, as the moving company will be able to better arrange the boxes according to their importance. The fragile indication on the labels will be more than enough to make distinctions.

Store items in a comfortable place

In order for your objects to arrive intact at their destination, you must also create a comfortable corner for their installation. In other words, it is necessary to ensure that they are well placed in cartons and packaging. To do this, you can first fill the containers with foams or polyesters.

In some cases, people use peanuts. After putting some in the cardboard, you just have to put the object gently, then you cover it with the same ingredients. Thanks to this, the object is not likely to break during transport. The cushioning device you have installed in the box is more than enough to ensure its comfort and safety. You can benefit from these elements if you call on ourteam.

Take care of the packaging of fragile objects in the last position

bubble wrapping during a residential move

Failing to entrust the moving of your belongings to a moving company,you can take care of it personally. Thus, you need to be very careful when it comes to fragile objects. The best way not to damage them is to pack them in the last position.

Since these are very important objects, you need to give them special care. However, avoid stacking heavy boxes on those in which fragile objects are found. There are a multitude of delicate parts that you need to take care of when transporting. We have:

  • Works of art
  • Musical instruments
  • Electronic devices
  • Dishes, etc.

Choose boxes adapted to the dimensions of fragile objects

One of the most important things when you want to move fragile objects is to choose your boxes well. You must make sure to opt for boxes that have the same dimensions as the objects you want to carry. Indeed, if you use the service of Déménagement Constant, we always insist on this point.

It would be unwise to put your belongings in a box or box where they will be too cramped. Similarly, do not use containers that are too large. This could push you, to put several objects in a single container, which is very risky. On the other hand, you should avoid leaving a vacuum in the boxes. Charge them to the maximum, but not too much. By dint of piling up a lot of things, you risk damaging light objects.

Choosing the right packaging for breakable objects

Apart from boxes or cartons, packaging is also an element that must be taken into account. There are different types of packaging, depending on the category of item you want to move. So you need to find some who can offer optimal protection to your belongings. Thus, you have at your disposal packaging such as bubble wrap, newsprint, adhesive tape, etc.

Each package is adapted to a specific type of object. In the case of glasses or plates, you can use newspapers to get started. Then pack everything with adhesive tape. Finally, you will only have to arrange them in a cardboard box and everything is played. As for mirrors and artwork, you can put them in bubble wrap or large wrapping papers.

Musical instruments, on the other hand, are often delivered with their container. If you have kept them, you will not have a problem. Otherwise, you can use bubble wrap or adhesive tape, if they are small instruments. However, some instruments such as the piano require even more precautions. In this case, it is best to use a professional mover like Déménagement Constant. We have everything you need to transport your piano safely.

Choosing a moving company

Moving fragile objects is not always easy to do. A small mistake can create irreparable and considerable damage. If you want to have the guarantee that your objects will be well transported, the best is to call on professionals. There are moving companies, specialized in this field.

They have a team of professionals who will be able to take proper care of your items. At Déménagement Constant, we are the best in this field. You can have quality services with each of our employees.