Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, there comes a time when you feel the need to change the air. Making such a decision is not always easy since there are several criteria to consider before moving. And the most important of these criteria is to know at what exact moment to leave. Here are some tips from Déménagement Constant,one of the professional companies in residential moving. The company helps you choose your moving date when you are in Greater Montreal.

What date should I choose for my move?

To choose a good moving date, there are some parameters to consider.

Select a date to reduce the cost of moving

Nowadays, to move you need a substantial budget. However, there are certain periods that will allow you to spend as little as possible. Indeed, you will have the ease of discussing the price with the moving companies. With that, it would be advisable not to choose a date during school holidays, weekends, June and September, beginnings and ends of the month. These are all dates during which the moving market is not too negotiable.

Choose a date to simplify the move.

In reality, it will be necessary to take into account many other parameters to carry out its move perfectly and without hindrance.

First, it is not advisable to move on market and event days. Indeed, during these days, traffic is almost inaccessible. This will make the task a little more difficult for expert movers.

Then, you will have to avoid the rainy seasons and winter periods because your belongings may get wet during the journey and the coolness will not be favorable to you as well.

Finally, do not choose a date that corresponds to a time when the heat is in full swing to protect your fragile objects that may deteriorate due to the temperature.

How to choose the most appropriate date for a move?

Most of the time, it is a little complicated to choose a date for your move. Here you will find some tips that will help you make an objective choice.

Taking into account the season when making your choice

We note that moving requests are a little more frequent during the interval of late May and early September. Also, due to the expiration of lease contracts, moving companies have a very tight schedule every beginning and end of the month. And so the most suitable date is the one scheduled during the summer season. Moving during this time makes your move easier due to the favorable climate. Better, you will have more availability to arrange and prepare your move especially when you are on vacation. In addition, you will have no difficulty changing schools for your children during the summer season.

The influence of the moving date on the price

In fact, the more moving requests movers have, the higher their prices. Déménagement Constant advises you to contact them during periods when there are fewer requests.

A move does not happen overnight. The most advisable is to take the time to organize yourself, in order to have reduced prices.

On the other hand, the specialists of this company offer you to plan your move on a working day in order to solve any problems during the move.

Also, it is important to take into account the mid-month dates when requests are less frequent.

Moving: how to choose the best date?

When moving, the most important thing is to know which date would be the most suitable. This choice may vary depending on whether you are a tenant, a landlord or you are assigned to another workplace.

How to make your choice when you are a tenant or owner?

When you are a tenant, you will first need to know the precise date of the expiry of your lease agreement. It goes without saying that you need to make a careful selection of your belongings and pack them properly. Since you have to use the rented premises in a good father, it is important to be careful to leave the apartment in its original state. Also consider cleaning your new home before choosing a definitive date for your residential move.

However, when you are a homeowner you will have no choice but to take into account the moving date of the former owner of the premises. As soon as he has definitively vacated the premises, you can choose a date to integrate your new residence.

What date to choose when it comes to a professional assignment?

As soon as you receive an assignment, the first thing you think about is the change of residence. To do this, you must choose a date between the day your contract ends in your previous place of work and the day you will join your new place of work.

What’s better, we have to think about children. Moving in the middle of the school year is not indicated especially when your children are in school. It will therefore be necessary to choose a date during the holidays or school holidays to make the move. This will allow them to better adapt to their new life.