Lorsque l’on change de maison, d’appartement ou de local, le déménagement est une étape importante et marquante dans une vie. Remplie de défis, la planification du jour J est indispensable pour un déménagement réussi. Avec une entreprise de déménagement, vous pourriez d’ores et déjà vous simplifier la vie en confiant quelques tâches qui requièrent de l’énergie et du temps à des déménageurs compétents. Découvrez les grandes étapes que vous vivrez lors de votre déménagement!


Before the move: Planning

As soon as you know that you are going to change your house, apartment or room, you must quickly start planning your move. The sooner you go, the more choice you have and the better your move will be!

To get started planning, consider the following questions:

• What is my moving date?
• How big is my move?
• Do I have to go to a moving company or do I have to do it alone?
• Which mover to choose?
• What is my budget?

By answering these questions quickly, you evaluate your needs and your research becomes more precise. If you need to call a moving company, know that the sooner you contact them, the more likely you are to book your ideal date. Also, last minute moves are not the least expensive.

Once your move is planned, take advantage of weeks or months before D-Day to do the following steps:

• Make a big selection in your clothes and your objects. Give away, resell, or dispose of things you do not need and do not use. It is useless to be burdened during the move!
• Start your first boxes. Take advantage of recycling days to find moving boxes available in front of the shops. Label each of your boxes correctly.
• Make your change of address. To receive your mail at the right address or to guarantee your service, indicate your new address (electricity, internet, post office, government, employer, insurance, etc.).
• Finish all your cards and prepare your furniture. As you approach the move, all your items should be packed and placed in the appropriate boxes.

You are now ready to move in good conditions!

The day of the move: the application

If you use a moving company to transport all your belongings to your new address, your day will run under the best of all possible conditions! By cons, if you make alone or between friends your move, the day may be rich in emotions. Moving your furniture and objects will take a lot of energy and time. Take the necessary precautions to avoid hurting yourself and damaging your belongings.

If you are dealing with a mover, you could do the following:

• Make a final check. Check that all your cartons are present and ready to be transported. You can take the opportunity to make an inventory of all your boxes and your furniture. You can also take pictures to protect you in case of breakage.
• Clean your home. When all your boxes have been moved, take the opportunity to clean your home one last time so that it is clean for future occupants. Some moving companies perform this task for you!

Once in your new home, rest and recover from this stressful day.

After the move: the concretization

Now that your property is at your destination, you can enjoy your new home as it should! Unpack all your boxes and think about your future decoration and your future development.


Take the time to settle in while keeping a memorable memory of your move.

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