To enjoy an exceptional and personalized comfort, the best option is to acquire your own home. However, the procedure of acquiring a first property usually involves many obstacles that the future owner must face. These are the unpredictable expenses that occur at the time of buying a home. To do this, it is essential for any buyer to have a better knowledge of these different elements. Focus on the expenses to be expected when buying your first home.

Expenses related to the move

During the purchase of your first property, there are certain steps to be taken, especially for the move. To this end, Déménagement constat is the most qualified company to accompany you, if you live in the greater Montreal area. Moving services extend into two main categories: residential moving and commercial moving.

Residential relocation

Residential moving obviously concerns individuals and it is one of the most common tasks during the process of buying a house. Thus, to facilitate the task of this category of buyers, moving specialists put to their credit various services. You can benefit from its services, particularly in the Regions of North Shore, South Shore, Pointe-Aux-Trembles or Saint-Léonard.

The public or residential move takes into account the transport of your furniture, household accessories and other essential objects. The moving company will take care of transporting them in the best conditions and with efficiency. In addition, the price of a move is very accessible with regular promotional offers.

The commercial move

When you acquire a first property for your business, it is mandatory to have your equipment moved. A moving company is also present in this field. Whether it’s a move to Laval or the surrounding areas of Montreal, you can take advantage of the exceptional services of expert movers. Similarly, you will be able to benefit from a free quote, very practical tips and tricks for your next site, with a better delivery service.

In addition, the company has moving carriers and other essential logistics services to complete the task. Clearly, it helps you establish a better moving budget. Apart from commercial moving,it is advisable to also take into consideration industrial moving, piano moving and other allied services.

Professional approaches

For the purchase of a first home, it is desirable to adopt professional approaches. Whether you live in Anjou or Brossard, professional procedures allow you to fully ensure the property to be acquired. At the same time, they make it possible to prevent possible inconveniences. Expenses related to professional procedures can be divided into various categories.


The inspection is a professional approach that consists of having an inspector visit the house. With his expertise, the inspector will be able to examine the condition of the targeted home. As a result, you must plan for costs related to these services.


In contrast to the inspection, the valuation is intended to assess the actual value of the property. It allows you to protect yourself from possible acts of fraud on the part of sellers. Apparent age and type of property are the main factors in the assessment. It should also be noted that this task must be entrusted to professionals in the field. Thus, whether in the Blainville or Longueuil regions, you can opt for the specialist best suited to your budget.

The services of the notary

The services of the notary are also professional procedures that will be at your expense. The notary will take particular care of drawing up the deed of sale and the mortgage deed. The ideal would be to provide about a thousand euros for this task which would be an obligation before officially owning the property.


To demonstrate good citizenship, it is mandatory to pay the tax fees related to the purchase of the house. The first tax you need to prepare for is the real estate transfer tax, also called the welcome tax. Generally, it is calculated according to the price of the property.

Then there is the adjustment tax that will be used to participate in the life of the municipality. It can be divided into municipal tax and school tax. In addition, if it is a new home that you want to buy, the GST and QST taxes must also be returned.

Related expenses

After buying a new home, some related expenses can be exorbitant. It is mainly a question of the necessary renovation activities to bring to make a personalized comfort reign. Indeed, a new environment obviously requires new furniture and household appliances can also be updated according to your wishes.

In addition, a new coat of paint will be ideal to create a beautiful décor. Decoration, comfort equipment and installation equipment are also expenses that must be anticipated. On the other hand, insurance costs are likely to be revised upwards by your partner companies.