Moving to Montreal or anywhere else is a delicate exercise whose implementation generates a lot of stress, whether residential or commercial. The move involves a number of factors to consider, including the amount of business to be shipped, the distance to travel and the budget. In any case, there are two options available to you. The first is to organize your move yourself. The second is to hire a professional mover. Here you can discover the pluses and minuses of each of these options.

Do it all yourself: what are the implications?

Programming and re-moving on your own is no small task. I might as well know right now. Nevertheless, there are advantages to consider.

Sociability and strengthening of ties

Moving on your own is an advantageous option because it creates a certain complicity between those who help you and you. If they are close friends or friends, packing your belongings, handling them and carrying them brings them closer to you. You spend time together and it’s always beneficial for friendly or human relationships. This advantage is even more interesting when you organize your family move. For this to happen, children must be old enough to carry boxes, but you could also call on close family if necessary.

These moments strengthen the bonds between the individuals in the family. However, you may run out of time or friends to help you with your move. In this case, you are obliged to call in a moving company.

Risks or dangers

By choosing to organize your move on your own, you take on all the responsibilities associated with this exercise. You will need to make sure you have all the resources you need to make your move a success. Already, neither you nor your loved ones have the reflexes, the right behaviors and the logistics for a successful move.

If you do this on your own, you may have enormous lower back pain that can send you to the hospital. In addition, moving exhausts you and takes a lot of time if you don’t master the necessary tricks.

Finally, there are the risks of injury and the requirements of transportation. For this last point, are you sure you have the right vehicle for all the furniture at the same time? And if you take a rental vehicle, but how do you know the right volume and the best size for you?

What are the advantages and limitations of a mover?

Moving services plan and execute the move for you. This apparently more advantageous option, however, has limitations that are important to master.

Skilled labour and logistics

By entrusting your move to a moving company,you will benefit from the savvy advice and the best delivery services. Indeed, the most important periods of the move are the moments of packing and transporting business. If you have any valuable assets,you should know that your company ofexpert movers has already taken out insurance. This protects you from damage or breakage.

You can be sure that your fragile objects are well insured. This implies that their manipulation must be done with delicacy and know-how. This is the role of the technicians who will be sent to you by the moving company. They are more seasoned and better equipped. They know how to do it. Your belongings are therefore safer with professionals rather than friends who, by clumsiness, could damage, for example, a sentimental value painting or dishes.

Also, when the moving company damages your business, you can claim compensation. This constraint forces technicians to be very careful during the handling of your business.

The cost of a mover

Generally, the price of a move varies by region and company. For example between Montreal, or the South Shore. What’s more, it all depends on the amount of business, and the distance between the starting point and the point of arrival.

In fact, whether you are in Montreal or Saint-Léonard,the rate would not be the same as if you were in Longueuil or Brossard. It’s the same for a move to Laval. In any case, you can make an estimate before submitting your move to a moving agency. From that point on, fees are incurred, but sometimes companies can offer a free quote.

As for distance, it affects the hourly rate applied by the company you have chosen. If you leave Blainville for the north shore or the south shore of Montreal, the distance is not the same as if you leaveAnjou for Pointes-aux-Trembles. The time taken is therefore not the same, therefore, the hourly rate takes a hit.

The need to call on a company like Constant Moving

For a smooth move, it is crucial to opt for a company specializing in this kind of work. In this field, Constant Moving has unquestionable experience. This organization is comfortable performing any type of relocation:

  • Residential move;
  • Commercial move;
  • Long-distance moving;
  • Special move (for students and seniors);
  • Small move;
  • Cheap move…

In the end, the best way to move is to trust the experts in this group.