Moving with a child: how to do it?

The move,for most people, may be an exciting and special time to get closer either to their life goal or to get closer to their service. It is also a very stressful and saddening moment when the day comes to leave friends, neighbors, family. Moving can’t be much trouble when you’re alone. But from the moment the children are involved, it becomes very complex. Whether the move is good or bad, the child will suffer a shock due to the change.

You want to move with your children and you do not know how to ensure that this does not affect their emotional state. We, as the best commercial and residential moving company, give you tips for a smooth and less stressful move for your children.

Moving with children

To move with your children, it is important to prepare them for the change that is coming. The move,regardless of its nature, will undoubtedly leave a bad taste for children. So, to do it professionally, inform them as soon as possible so that they can prepare for it. Their reactions can be negative or positive. They may depend on a number of factors.

  • The nature of the move;
  • The level of attachment to their parents;
  • The effort that parents will make to listen to them;
  • Their temperament…

For children still bottle-feeding

During the move,as far as babies as well as toddlers are at issue, the problem really does not arise. For them, parents are more important than the environment. However, to prepare them for change, have them come to the scene of the move and ask for help from a neighbour. Thus, they will see the displacement of furniture. It is also advisable to keep at hand some toys and objects that are familiar to them so that they can galvanize them.

For teenage children

For teenagers, do not hesitate to involve them in the movement of business. Thus, entrust them with such simple tasks to get them excited and feel important. Their participation in the move can lead them to take ownership of places and appreciate them. Be careful not to force them in case of refusal. This is a reaction that you should handle in the smoothest way possible. They can openly disagree. They may be criticizing the moving site.

For these reactions, reassure them that they don’t have to worry about their buddies. Indeed, children never want to lose their neighborhood relationships, and even school ones. Tell them or show them by A+B that they will still see their friends and be able to play with them at certain times (during weekends for example).

Moving with children: some possible solutions

It is very likely that your children are sad at the thought of changing their place of education, their kind teachers, to no longer see their classmates. Psychologist Nathalie said that it is important for children to feel continuity and not a break.

An album or a souvenir box

If your children remain attached, their friends, are afraid of getting bored of their old house, their old habits, you can prepare them a souvenir box with photos of their friends, the old house, their rooms. Also, you can put in the souvenir album all the nooks and crannies of the old house especially the ones they appreciate.

Bibliotherapy, a solution for babies and toddlers

If you know the story of a person who lived in a house or in a city and moved,now is the time to tell it to them. This is a great method to prepare children from an early age for an event. If you don’t know any, just go to the library. There are indeed several books telling such stories. You can also ask your librarian for advice.

Introduce children to the new place

Plan a family outing preferably on a Saturday to show the children around the new place. Professionals make this suggestion to parents. They advise to organize such visits as many times as possible in order to make them aware of the house and the neighborhood. They may make friends before they are there. You can also register your children for the municipal day camp. It also makes it possible to develop relationships before the start of the school year.

Children and moving

Once the announcement is made and the children are informed of the move,all that remains is to move now. In order for things to go smoothly and smoothly, it is important that you plan and organize your move. This will make you feel comfortable and less stressed. Your children, too, will be less stressed. You can call on a moving company. Contact for this purpose. We are the best of the place. We have a team of professionals with several years of experience. We also know how to manage children so that everything goes smoothly.

Tell the kids about the move a few days before that fateful day. Also, before putting up posters of listing your home, it is important that they are informed.

In conclusion, the move,regardless of its nature(commercial or residential) is a stressful and impactful moment for children. So, to pass this tough test, it is important that you take action.