Are you in a relationship and wondering if the time to move in together has come? This is a terrifying and exciting decision. Indeed, it will induce changes in lifestyle habits on both sides. It is therefore necessary to be sure to have all the green signals before taking it. At Déménagement Constant, we help you make a successful move as a couple. We are also concerned about your well-being. So we present you some criteria allowing you to know that it is the right time or not to move as a couple.

When the relationship is at least one year old

Before giving a duplicate of your keys to your partner, your relationship must have already been at least a year. Indeed, psychologists believe that the first year of life as a couple is the minimum time allowing each to learn enough from the other.

During this year before your move to Montreal as a couple, you will argue with your partner and discover through these opportunities his real personality. These opportunities will let you know how much the other person is willing to compromise.

In addition, a year is the minimum time to divide up household chores and see how the other person is doing his responsibilities. You should also discuss managing your common finances as well as all the space.

After being sure to know the other person well

It is undoubtedly impossible to truly know a person. The human is changeable. Nevertheless, there are elements that allow you to know the personality of your partner. With subtlety and without bad faith, create opportunities that will force him to reveal himself to you. Keep in mind, however, that he/she is fallible and so are you.

By knowing your partner’s habits, you can more easily conclude whether living together with him/her will work or not. What are his whims? Will you be able to stand them? If he/she maintains his/her own house poorly, it will be very difficult for him/her to properly maintain the one in which you will live as a couple.

Not having to do so

Often, it is because the man has to leave his apartment (for one reason or another) that his partner offers to move into her home. In other cases, the woman decides to join her lover because she is facing financial difficulties. The only burden to bear in this context is the price of the move, which is also very low when the operations are entrusted to Déménagement Constant.

In either case, the couple makes a serious mistake. The only reason for the couple to move together is the vision of building a shared future.

When everything is said and clear between you

It’s not enough to have good reasons for deciding to move in with your partner. You also need to really know your expectations of you and your motivations. Indeed, if his intention is to distance you as much as possible from your friends and relatives, it is not a good idea to move in with him / her if you are not ready to make such a concession.

Similarly, if your partner is too dependent on you, you still have to wait a while before taking the plunge for a life under the same roof. Otherwise, it won’t take you long to repack your boxes for another Montreal move.

Generally, the excitement that relationships generate decreases over time. If living under the same roof causes you to lose your independence tremendously, your relationship will no longer hold if the excitement collapses.

When you share the same vision and values

It is essential that your life goals perfectly match those of your partner. This is when you can consider a residential move. Is your couple able to adopt Yorkshires and take proper care of them? Can your professional careers become sources of conflict? These are some of the points you need to discuss extensively before you get together under one roof.

When the couple feels truly ready

It may be that the various criteria mentioned above tell you that it is the right time to move as a couple. Nevertheless, if you do not always feel ready to take this step together, it is surely that this is not the ideal time. Each of you must listen to your heart before you decide. It will probably take too long. The main thing is that you ultimately make the right decision for your life as a couple.