Packing your bags for a move is one of the most stressful things you can do in your life. Moving with children can make this stress worse. That’s why planning their move with them in mind can only make the moving process easier.

Before packaging

• Inform your children as soon as possible of your intention to move. Moving can be very difficult for children, so it’s important to let them know when they’re doing it. They will need time to adjust to the idea and time to say goodbye to their friends.

• Before you move, try to pack as many clothes, toys and essentials for your child. It may seem easier to do this later, simply because of the sheer number of their possessions, but children may struggle to manage change and may cling to items that are not essential.

• Book your moving company at least one month before your move (eight weeks during the summer moving season) to ensure availability on the day of your preferred move. Once you’ve selected your movers, you can start packing your belongings in anticipation of their arrival. We’ll even pack for you, simplifying and streamlining the moving process.

Tips for keeping children busy or involved during the move
• Ask them if they want to participate. Depending on their age, children can be very helpful in performing smaller tasks to make the move easier. You can assign them to tape boxes, write labels on the boxes, or even coordinate a box of essentials you’ll need on moving day.

• On the other hand, children can sometimes be a handshake during a move. So it may be a good idea to plan their plans while the move takes place. Organize a day of fun activities away from the move with your family, friends or even a babysitter.

• Plan fun activities for your kids that don’t interfere with the move. Creating an item box containing coloring books, chalk, a football, empty boxes, or even bubble wrap can help keep your kids entertained during the moving process.

After the move

• Take a tour of your new neighborhood with the whole family. Take a walk or bike ride to discover the area’s parks and restaurants.

• If your new home is in the same city, invite some of your former neighbors, family members or friends to see your new home. This can help your kids feel more comfortable with the move while providing plenty of opportunities for them to plan play dates for their kids so they don’t lose touch with their friends.