Whether in a hurry or planned, the move incurs expenses. The prices of a move vary according to several parameters. They depend on the actors involved. Discover here the average prices of a move in Montreal and throughout Quebec.

Average prices of a move to a moving company

A Mover usually charges an average price of $100 to $135 per hour. This includes the use of a truck and 3 men for the workforce. It should be noted that it is you who will pack the things.

If it’s a 2 1/2, you’ll have to pay about $250. Plan between $ 1000 and $ 1500 for the removal of the contents of a house R + 2 + garage.

The mover can take care of loading and unloading your belongings. In this case, you will need to plan $ 100 to $ 300 in addition to the previous rates. The company will ask for more when movers are forced to take by the stairs to load and unload the truck.

July 1st is known to be the day of the National Day, but also that of the move. This day being a holiday, you will have to pay about $350/hour if you want to move on this day.

Also plan a budget of $100 to cover the various costs. These are the expenses to be made to buy the boxes, adhesive tapes, etc.

Finally, you will need hundreds of dollars to cover the following activities:

  • Packing and unpacking of furniture and others,
  • Disconnection and connection of electronic devices,
  • Cleaning of the departure and arrival residences,
  • Storage of belongings in a transit store.

You would have noticed. This last point concerns the case where you delegate everything entirely to the residential moving company.

Average budget for a move entrusted to his relatives

If you think that using the best Montreal mover will be expensive, call on your friends. Or, you can also seek help from your family members.

Start by renting a 15-foot truck. It will cost you $120 for 7 hours of rental. Do this before June 29. If not, do it after July 2nd. The fact is that on the occasion of the national holiday, renting trucks becomes expensive. The $120 for 7 hours of rental includes 50 km and also insurance.

If you decide to rent a truck from June 30 to July 2, you will need to plan for $250. This is a rate for 7 hours of rental. The ideal is to rent the truck for 12 noon. It comes down to $300.

You will also need to take out insurance without a deductible. It will cost you between $20 and $30. Before renting a truck, it is essential to know all the guarantees covered by endorsement 27 of your car insurance.

You should also budget to rent a devil or cart. For the first one, you will need $22. As for the trolley, it costs $6 to rent. Other expenses to be expected include:

  • $20 to rent a dozen blankets,
  • $6 to rent a ratchet strip,
  • $2 to buy a pair of work gloves,
  • $6 to buy a double mattress bag, etc.

It will also be necessary to provide a budget for the restoration of the people who will be involved in the Montreal move. If you choose to feed them pizza, you will need to plan $30. This is the price of an extra large pizza. It is 16 inches and is fully trimmed.

For the drink, opt for either beer or soft drinks or both. Avoid taking too much alcohol during a move. Why not limit yourself to taking spring water and a few soft drinks for a Candiac move or elsewhere?

Call on a professional mover: Déménagement Constant

There are many advantages to using a Quebec Montreal moving company. Among all these advantages is that of price.

By playing the competition, you can get from the company of Déménagement Constantineau an excellent price. Often, we notice that the price difference between a move made by oneself and that entrusted to a professional is small. This gap is never enough to cover the sentences endured by all those who are often involved.

Specialized in long-distance moving, Déménagement Constant is a company that saves you the stress of a move. The cost of moving a house with our professional solution is almost the same as that of personal solutions. We are therefore the reference in Quebec City for a small budget move.

Always ready for a Hampstead move our company puts at your disposal, its professional movers at the best rates. Our company moves Montreal always establishes a detailed quote to guarantee the transparency of its services.

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