Whether you’re moving urgently or planning your move carefully, the cost of moving a home is a major concern. The prices of a move can fluctuate depending on many factors, including the stakeholders involved. Discover in this article the average rates for a move in Montreal and throughout Quebec, to better plan your budget.


Estimating the costs of moving a house: average rates to consider

When considering moving a home, cost is a key consideration. In general, a mover charges an average rate of $100 to $135 per hour, including the use of a truck and a team of 3 people for labor. It is important to note that you will be responsible for packing your belongings.

For a type 2 1/2 apartment, the estimated cost is about $250. If you plan to move the contents of a two-story house with a garage, you have to budget between $ 1000 and $ 1500.

If you want the mover to take care of loading and unloading your belongings, plan for an additional $100 to $300 on top of the rates mentioned above. The fee will also be higher if movers need to use stairs to load and unload the truck.

July 1st is a date known to be moving day in Quebec. Being a holiday, the hourly cost can reach around $350 if you decide to move on that day.

Don’t forget to budget an additional budget of about $100 to cover miscellaneous expenses, including boxes, tape, and other essential packing supplies. The cost to move a home can vary depending on these factors, so it’s important to plan accordingly.

Finally, you will need hundreds of dollars to cover the following activities:

  • Packing and unpacking of furniture and others,
  • Disconnection and connection of electronic devices,
  • Cleaning of the departure and arrival residences,
  • Storage of belongings in a transit store.

You would have noticed. This last point concerns the case where you delegate everything entirely to the residential moving company.

Average budget for a move entrusted to his relatives

If you’re looking to cut the cost of moving a home with the best mover in Montreal, consider these budget-friendly tips. You can enlist the help of your friends or enlist the help of family members to save money.

A budget option is to rent a 15-foot truck. This rental is priced at $120 for a period of 7 hours, including 50 km coverage and insurance. To maximize your savings, choose to reserve your truck before June 29 or after July 2, as truck rental rates typically increase during the National Holiday period.

If you opt to rent a truck between June 30 and July 2, plan a budget of $250 for 7 hours of rental. An advantageous option may be to rent the truck for 12 hours, which would cost $300.

Don’t forget to include insurance with no deductible in your budget, with a cost ranging from $20 to $30. It is essential to understand all the guarantees offered by Endorsement 27 of your auto insurance before renting a truck.

In addition to the truck, consider renting a devil ($22) or cart ($6) for easy loading and unloading. Also budget for other expenses related to your move.

You should also budget to rent a devil or cart. For the first one, you will need $22. As for the trolley, it costs $6 to rent. Other expenses to be expected include:

  • $20 to rent a dozen blankets,
  • $6 to rent a ratchet strip,
  • $2 to buy a pair of work gloves,
  • $6 to buy a double mattress bag, etc.

It will also be necessary to provide a budget for the restoration of the people who will be involved in the Montreal move. If you choose to feed them pizza, you will need to plan $30. This is the price of an extra large pizza. It is 16 inches and is fully trimmed.

For the drink, opt for either beer or soft drinks or both. Avoid taking too much alcohol during a move. Why not limit yourself to taking spring water and a few soft drinks for a Candiac move or elsewhere?

Call on a professional mover: Déménagement Constant

Cost to move a houseThere are many advantages to using a Quebec Montreal moving company. Among all these advantages is that of price.

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Whether you are planning a move to Hampstead or elsewhere, our company offers professional movers at the most competitive rates. Our moving company in Montreal always establishes a detailed quote to ensure the transparency of our services. You can therefore count on us for a move with confidence.

FAQ: Everything you need to know about the cost of moving a home

What are the main factors that influence the cost of a house move?

The cost of a home move can vary depending on several factors. The main things to consider are the distance between the two locations, the amount of belongings to be moved, the number of rooms in your home, the time of year, and whether you need additional services such as packing, unpacking, or storage. In general, the longer the distance and the more belongings you have to move, the higher the cost will be. Moves in high season, usually in summer, are also more expensive.

How can I save money on my house move?

There are several ways to save money on a home move. First, plan your move ahead of time to avoid last-minute costs. Sort through your belongings and sell or give away what you no longer use. Compare quotes from different moving companies to find the best deal. Consider moving out of high season to get better rates. You can also save money by packing your stuff yourself instead of paying for this service.

How do I choose the right moving company for my budget?

To choose the right moving company while sticking to your budget, start by getting several quotes from different companies. Be sure to request detailed quotes that include all additional services and fees. Compare rates, but don’t neglect the company’s reputation and experience. Read reviews online and ask for references. Also, make sure you understand the company’s insurance policy in case your belongings are damaged during the move.

When is it better to move to save money?

If you have the flexibility to choose your moving date, it’s usually best to do it outside of the high season, which is usually in the summer. Moving company rates are often lower during the winter months and weekdays because demand is lower. By also avoiding holidays and weekends, you can save on labor and truck rental costs.

What additional services do moving companies offer and how do they affect the total cost?

Moving companies often offer a range of additional services, such as packing and unpacking, furniture dismantling and reassembly, short- or long-term storage, and property insurance. Each of these services incurs additional costs, which can significantly increase the total cost of your move. Before deciding which services you want to include, carefully assess your needs and budget. Opt only for services that are essential to make your move more efficient and less stressful.