It is obvious that to move, you have to take money out of your pocket to finance certain expenses. Several costs are to be expected for the move depending on whether you choose to use the service of professionals or whether you take care of most of the tasks. Here are the fees you need to watch out for your next change of residence.

The costs to be expected when you use a professional mover

When you use a real Montreal relocation company, you have to pay between $100 and $135 as an hourly rate for renting a truck. Three men movers will also be put at your service. However, it will be up to you to pack your belongings. They won’t do it for you. Moving a 2 1/2 unit will cost you nearly $250. If it is a 2-storey house in addition to a garage, it will cost you $1000 to $1500. It should be noted that these costs are indications in a normal situation.

For loading/unloading, you must plan between $100 and $300. If there are stairs to take in order to bring the boxes down or up, this rate will probably increase.

July 1 is a special day in Canada. Not only is it the one of the national holiday, but also the one on which in the traditional way, the moves take place. In other words, professional movers are in high demand. They then increase the costs of their services. The hourly rate is usually doubled or tripled. Which can then cost you $350/h.

You can choose to entrust the packaging of your belongings to the residential development company. It’s hard to tell you exactly what it will cost you. It all depends on several variables to be determined on a case-by-case basis. Either way, you need to plan hundreds of dollars for this service. Professional movers in Montreal will take care of the following tasks:

  • Packaging and unpacking of furniture;
  • Packaging and unpacking of any other object;
  • Disconnection and branching of electronic equipment, including computers;
  • Cleaning of the departure accommodation;
  • Arrival residence cleaning;
  • Storage of your belongings in a transit box;

Of course, the purchase of boxes/cartons to pack your belongings is entirely at your expense. So plan a budget for this.

Fees to expect when you call on your family and friends

To rent a 15-foot cubic utility, you will need $120 for a 7-hour block use. This concerns the transport of business over 50 km and is ideal for a small move. This also includes deductible insurance worth nearly $700. For each additional kilometre, you will pay between 18 and 20 cents. In addition, this is the rate that will be applied to you before June 29 and from July 3. Between June 30 and July 2, you’ll shell out about $250 for a 7-hour block if you prefer a 12-hour block, it will cost you $300.

Plan $20 to $30 for no deductible insurance. Exception will be made for cases of scratches and interior breaks of windshield. Well before renting the utility, contact your insurance company to find out what the extent of your personal car insurance is. Do the same for your credit card.

To rent a devil, you will need $22 instead of $6 for a cart. The rental of blankets will cost you $ 2 per unit. The dozen will cost you $20. You will need ratchet strips. They are used to tie the goods in the truck. You will need $6 to rent each strip.

You will need gloves to protect your hands and those of your friends and family. For each pair, you’ll shell out at least $2. For the mattress, you will need a $6 bag. A queen cover will cost you $7. The latter has the advantage of protecting your mattress against bedbugs.

To show your gratitude to your friends and relatives, buy 16-inch pizza. It will cost you at least $30. This may include delivery. Plan the tip to give to the delivery person. Then buy beers with low alcohol content. The case of 24 will cost you between $31 and $35 for popular brands. Remember that it is forbidden to drive while intoxicated. For this, prefer soft drinks. The 2 Ls will cost you $3. A bottle of spring water will cost you $1 per 500 ml.

Hire a professional mover

Due to moving expenses, you will prefer to use your friends and family members to prepare for the move. However, there are advantages to using the services of professionals. With us at
Déménagement Constant
, we make sure to save you time. We offer you an efficient moving service.

Very often, it will be necessary to lift loads that are too heavy. This is very dangerous for your back. Being professionals, we know how to take heavy weights without endangering our health.

In addition, our company takes care of the security of your valuable assets. Finally, we offer our customers complete packages.


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