Is the move over? you think the hardest has been done? Give yourself plenty of time to plan your party in advance so you’re ready. This means that it is an elaborate dinner or an evening. You can even go a little too far and choose a theme for your party, for example “The Great Gatsby”, where people can dress accordingly. Also, prepare invitations based on the type of party you’re hosting and send them at least a week in advance. Another aspect is to make sure that there is a “return before” date on the invitations so that you know how many people will show up.

Prepares bathrooms and seats

During a party, your bathroom will have more people than usual, and because of this, it is essential to stock up on supplies such as towels, toilet paper and soap, etc. Make sure your home is clean and well organized, especially exhausting movement! In addition, you also need to make sure you have enough seating to prevent people from rushing. You can easily put an elegant blanket on the floor and cushions to create a more comfortable arrangement. The chairs and benches in the dining room can also be brought to the main entrance to allow more people to rotting.

Put away the tricky things

An old man used to say, “Prevention is better than cure.” You need to make sure that these old antiques and other valuables stay away from the main entrance. As more and more people arrive, it becomes more and more difficult to manage the crowd and, for that reason, you need to make sure that all the tricky things are stored in a safe place. Sometimes people can come across valuables and damage them. So you want to make sure that the important things are out of the way.

Set schedules for group visits

The purpose of this evening is to show your home to your close friends. It’s a problem to give each person a visit to your home, which is why you need to set a specific time for everyone to visit. After dinner and before dessert would be an appropriate time.

Documenting the event

Don’t forget to document your party! You want to keep those memories just like the others. You can take photos from Polaroid cameras to get instantly printed photos or simply take them from your phone to post them on social media with a personalized hashtag. You can even create separate albums for everyone to post their photos of the event.

After all the hassle you’ve had in paying extra costs, decompressing and organizing your home to make it more decent, you deserve to throw a party and have fun. By following these simple rules, you can make sure that you and everyone else will have a memorable day. So don’t hesitate to give yourself a break!