When considering a move to Montreal, it is essential to surround yourself with the best movers in the area. The moving process can often be a source of anxiety, with issues such as untimely movers, damaged or lost goods, excessive bills, long and unfriendly service, etc. To ensure a stress-free experience and avoid potential nightmares, it is recommended to use movers in Montreal who have already proven themselves with satisfied tenants and owners. Check out the top 10 rated movers in 2019 to make sure you find a reliable, professional and meticulous partner for your move. Stay tuned for our recommendations to ease your transition with confidence.


Lists of the 10 best movers Montreal

1. Constant moving

With an excellent score of 4.7/5 based on more than 57 reviews, Déménagement Constant is one of the best movers in Montreal. They are distinguished by their offer of removals at very competitive rates, while guaranteeing unparalleled professionalism. On the day of your move, you can trust this competent and qualified team who work tirelessly to offer you a stress-free day. By choosing Déménagement Constant, you opt for peace of mind and the certainty that your move will be a success. Take advantage of their exceptional quality services for a carefree move to Montreal.


2. The Plan Pas con

With an impressive score of 5/5 based on over 343 reviews, Le Plan Pas Con is positioned as the undisputed leader among movers in Montreal, offering an exceptional moving experience. Their commitment to friendliness, punctuality, respect for your property and total transparency of rates sets them apart. The Le Plan Pas Con team is known for its harmony and professionalism, ensuring that your move goes smoothly. When you choose Le Plan Pas Con, you opt for peace of mind and the certainty of a successful move.


3. Friendly moves

Déménagements Sympathiques also stands out with an impressive score of 5/5 based on more than 226 reviews, proving its ability to fully satisfy its customers. The name of this mover is not in vain, because his team is characterized by a positive and smiling attitude. Removals are carried out efficiently, while scrupulously respecting the rates previously established. You can approach the day of your move with peace of mind by entrusting your belongings to the owner Damien, who will offer you a superior service. With Déménagements Sympathiques, you are assured of a most enjoyable moving experience.


4. The Gentlemen Movers

By reaching the podium with a perfect score of 5/5 and more than 118 positive reviews, Les Gentlemen Déménageurs stands out as one of the best options among movers in Montreal. Their commitment to competitive rates, efficiency and friendliness does not go unnoticed. In addition, Les Gentlemen Déménageurs stand out for their fast and transparent communication, offering you invaluable peace of mind. They are also dedicated to ensuring that your belongings arrive in perfect condition at their destination. If you are looking for exceptional value for money, Les Gentlemen Déménageurs are the answer to all your expectations for a successful move.


5. Moving Myette

With an excellent score of 4.9/5 and more than 404 reviews, the company Déménagement Myette stands out for its original equipment… Indeed, your belongings can be transported by bike, while having a large capacity! Whether by bike or truck, this mover in Montreal brings good humor, efficiency and punctuality during moves.


6. Moving Demeangio

With a rating of 4.9/5 and more than 237 reviews, Déménagement Déménagio is a mover available for all your last minute emergencies. Intervening with speed and professionalism, Déménagement Déménagio offers an excellent service for your residential and commercial moves.


7. Bust a move moving

With more than 169 reviews and a score of 4.9/5, Bust a move moving is unanimously acclaimed by Montreal landlords and tenants. Their strong point: the team! Motivated, punctual, fast and meticulous, the employees of Bust a move moving have a real success, which makes a very pleasant moving experience in Montreal for all!


8. Moving Constantineau

With a ranking of 4.9/5 and more than 105 reviews, Déménagement Constantineau is a guarantee of confidence from the first exchange. Good communication, professionalism, quality equipment and efficiency are at the rendezvous with Déménagement Constantineau. In addition, the team is very attentive with your belongings and objects!


9. 7 Star Moving

With a score of 4.9/5 and more than 24 reviews, Déménagement 7 Étoiles deserves its name with a service that is well worth 7 stars! Concerned about your furniture, fast, punctual and friendly, the 7 Star Movers team ensures that your move to Montreal goes perfectly with a quality experience! In addition, Déménagement 7 Étoiles guarantees that no costs are hidden!


10. Moving Coffee Break

With an impressive score of 4.6/5 based on over 82 reviews, Déménagement Pause-Café is positioned as one of the best movers in Montreal. Their goal is to guarantee you a moving experience without any worries or unpleasant surprises. They take great care of your belongings and furniture, offer fast service, and are distinguished by their competence and efficiency. Opting for Déménagement Pause Café is to ensure you a pleasant moving experience. In addition, their rates are extremely competitive, whether for a residential or commercial move. Trust Déménagement Pause Café for a smooth move to Montreal.


FAQ: Everything you need to know about the Best Movers in Montreal in 2019

How are the rankings of the best movers in Montreal determined in 2019?

The rankings of the best movers in Montreal in 2019 are generally established taking into account several factors. The most common criteria include reviews and ratings from previous clients, company reputation, experience in the field, quality of customer service, timeliness, professionalism of the team, and many others. These rankings are often based on real reviews and testimonials, which offers a valuable perspective on the quality of services offered by each moving company.

How can I choose the best mover in Montreal for my specific needs?

Choosing the best mover in Montreal will depend on your specific needs. First, assess the size of your move, the distance to be travelled, and your particular service requirements. Then, look at rankings and reviews to identify the businesses that best match your criteria. Do not hesitate to ask for quotes and ask questions about the services offered. Make sure the company you choose has solid experience in the types of moves you are planning.

What are the advantages of hiring one of the best movers in Montreal in 2019?

Hiring one of the best movers in Montreal in 2019 has many advantages. These companies have generally proven themselves in terms of quality of service and customer satisfaction. You can expect professional service, experienced movers, safe handling of your belongings, and adherence to agreed deadlines. In addition, these companies are often well equipped to deal with any situation, which ensures a smooth and worry-free move.

How can I get an accurate quote from one of the best movers in Montreal in 2019?

To get an accurate quote from one of the best movers in Montreal in 2019, contact the company directly. They will usually send a representative on site to assess the size of your move, the goods to be moved, the distance, and other relevant factors. Be sure to provide complete and accurate information about your move in order to get a realistic quote. Then compare quotes from several companies to choose the one that best suits your needs and budget.

What are the main mistakes to avoid when choosing a mover in Montreal in 2019?

When choosing a mover in Montreal in 2019, avoid common mistakes such as not checking reviews and ratings from previous clients, not getting detailed quotes, choosing only based on the lowest price, not checking the company’s insurance, or not clarifying all the details of the contract. Also, be sure to ask questions about everything on your mind, take the time to compare different options, and choose a company that offers quality service tailored to your specific needs. By avoiding these mistakes, you will maximize your chances of a successful move.