Are you planning a move to Montreal? Often, the move is a source of anxiety. Miserable and unsavory movers, damaged or lost goods, exorbitant bills, long service and not friendly … many factors can make your experience negative. To ensure you have a great stress-free experience and not have a nightmare, call in Montreal movers who have already proven themselves to tenants and homeowners who have already moved. We present to you the 10 movers who get the best score in 2019! Stay on the lookout for recommendations to find a reliable, professional and thorough mover.

1. The Plan Not con

With a 5/5 rating and more than 343 reviews, The Pas Con Plan is the Montreal-based moving company that offers the best moving experience. Between sympathy, punctuality, respect for the goods to be transported and no bad surprises on the bill, The Pas Con Plan stands out for its exceptional service and the good harmony of its team.

2. Friendly Removals

Also with a 5/5 rating and over 226 reviews, Friendly Removals is a joy! This mover is aptly named with a team in a very good mood and with a smile at all times. The moves are made quickly, while ensuring compliance with the invoices established beforehand. Do not stress on D-Day by entrusting your move to the owner Damien.

3. The Gentlemen Movers

On the podium with 5/5 and over 118 reviews, Gentlemen Movers brings good prices and efficiency, all with sympathy! In addition to providing a quick and easy communication, Gentlemen Movers are anxious to return your goods in excellent condition. Gentlemen Movers is definitely an excellent value for money!

4. Moving Myette

With an excellent score of 4.9 / 5 and more than 404 reviews, the company Myette Moving stands out for its original equipment … Indeed, your goods can be transported by bike, while having a large capacity! Whether by bicycle or truck, this Montreal mover brings good cheer, efficiency and punctuality when moving.

5. Moving Déménagio

With a rating of 4.9 / 5 and more than 237 reviews, Déménagio Moving is a mover available for all your last minute emergencies. Intervenant with speed and professionalism, Déménagement Déménagio offers an excellent service for your residential and commercial removals.

6. Bust a move moving

With more than 169 reviews and a score of 4.9 / 5, Bust a move moving is unanimous among Montreal homeowners and tenants. Their strong point: the team! Motivated, punctual, fast and meticulous, the Bust a move moving employees have a real success, which makes a moving experience in Montreal very pleasant for everyone!

7. Relocation Constantineau

With a rating of 4.9 / 5 and more than 105 reviews, Déménagement Constantineau is a pledge of confidence from the first exchange. Good communication, professionalism, quality materials and efficiency are at the rendezvous with Déménagement Constantineau. In addition, the team is very attentive with your goods and your objects!

8. Moving 7 Stars

With a rating of 4.9 / 5 and more than 24 reviews, Moving 7 Stars deserves its name with a service that is well worth 7 stars! Concerned about your furniture, fast, punctual and kind, the 7 Star Moving team ensures that your move to Montreal is carried out with a quality experience! In addition, 7 Star Removals guarantees that no fees are hidden!

9. Moving Constant

With a rating of 4.7 / 5 and more than 57 reviews, the moving company in Montreal Déménagement Constant offers good-value removal and the most professional moves. Making many happy on D-Day, you entrust your move to the hands of competent and qualified staff who will do everything to make you live a stress free day.

10. Moving Coffee Break

With a rating of 4.6 / 5 and more than 82 reviews, Déménagement Pause Café ensures that you will not get any bad surprises during your move in Montreal! Taking care of your furniture, ensuring a fast service and combining competence and efficiency, Déménagement Pause Café offers you a good experience! In addition, you will benefit from affordable prices for a residential or commercial move.

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