Think a winter move is unimaginable because of the weather? Think again! Almost all moves take place during the summer in Quebec, especially because of the leases that expireon July 1 and the favorable climate to move his belongings. However, moving in winter brings its share of benefits to owners and tenants. Discover them!


1. More accessible properties


During the summer, all leases end and for landlords and tenants, this is the perfect time to move. Indeed, many property offers are available on the market. Nevertheless, the number of available homes is high and the demand is also excessively high. On the other hand, during the winter, fewer homes are available for rent or sale, but there is also little demand.

During the winter, you are more likely to find accommodation at an attractive price than during the summer season. Faced with declining demand, homeowners tend to reduce the price of housing at this time of year, for fear of not renting or selling. During the winter, bargains appear on the real estate market!


2. More flexible dates


In the summer, landlords and tenants rush to a mover as soon as the lease has been signed. Indeed, faced with high demand, movers are quickly booked and last-minute moves are almost impossible.

In winter, the low moving season allows owners and tenants to take the time to compare and choose their moving company. In addition, there is a good chance that your moving date will be available, even for last-minute moves. In addition, movers are more flexible in the event of a snowstorm, in order to shift the date of your move accordingly.


3. Better prices

Moves in June, July, August and September are the most expensive because of the high demand from moving companies. When only a few dates are still available, movers can afford to quickly raise prices, knowing that their last dates will be booked.

In winter, the trend reverses. Movers have greater availability and a lower clientele. Throughout the winter season, moving companies reduce their prices, in order to get more customers. This gives you more bargaining power .

However, take the time to learn about the moving company and select a company that is used to winter moves. For this, high-performance equipment adapted to weather conditions is required. It is also essential that all your furniture is well protected so that it is not affected by the cold.


Winter moves allow for great savings, while finding rare real estate at attractive prices! This is a golden opportunity for homeowners and tenants that presents itself every year to find the property of their dreams. To get a hassle-free winter move at the best price, contact Déménagement Constant today at
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