Spring has officially arrived, so is spring cleaning. While slush may not be the most glamorous time of the year, it’s definitely the best time to prepare your home, disintegrate it, and prepare it for summer. One of the best ways to declutter your home is to store your goods in Montreal in a locker or by contacting Quick Transfer to have your goods stored in our secure warehouse or mobile storage units. Storing your belongings in Montreal can be a great way to clean up your living space, give yourself more space in your home, and get organized in the spring.
Here are some tips to get organized this spring by storing your goods in Montreal.

Work from home one room at a time

When you do spring cleaning at home and organize what you want to store, you may be overwhelmed with the task at hand. To help, break it down into small portions by cleaning and decluttering one room at a time. Make sure you completely finish one piece before starting the next. By completely finishing a room, it can give you a sense of accomplishment and give you optimism for the rest of the house instead of feeling down and not even starting. And, before you know it, you’re done!

Clean your closets

Clothing can often fly under the radar during proper decluttering. I’ve often caught myself looking at jackets and thinking, well, I might as well leave it at that, because who knows what kind of summer we’ll have. When storing and storing your belongings in Montreal, also make sure to go through your wardrobe. You don’t throw things away, you only store them until they’re useful, like in autumn and winter. Here are some tips for packing your clothes properly. Vacuum packing seasonal clothes can be a great way to not only store your clothes, but also keep them clean until next year.

File all your papers

Papers and old bills can certainly pile up during the winter months, as you only have the necessary space for your home. Take the time to file all your papers in the spring. Banker boxes or filing bins can be a great way to store all the important documents you want to keep once you’ve sifted through them.

Clean your home thoroughly

Spring is the perfect time to give your home a thorough and quality cleaning. With all the dust piling up during the winter months, spring gives you the opportunity to work in every room and open windows to allow fresh air to circulate through your home. Don’t forget to also clean or replace any air filters you may have in your home. This will save you work in the fall once you need your furnace and give you clean air to breathe.

Keep your emotions out

While you’re working around your home to declutter, be sure to put your emotions aside. When storing your belongings in Montreal, it can be tempting to keep old school work, old crafts made by your children when they were young, or old clothes you often wore home. Although we are not suggesting that you throw them away, but if they take up space, put them away. Be sure to put aside your emotions and work around your home in order to declutter it and prepare it for summer.

Organize your garage / shed

This is an area that can easily be forgotten. You’re so busy working from home that you forget your garage or shed and your snow blower can take up space in your garage all summer long. Be sure to take the time to work and separate winter and summer items. For example, will you need your snow blower, skis or sled in the summer? Chances are you won’t. When decluttering your store in Montreal, get to work in your garage and store items in your warehouse that you would not need until next winter. He will open your garage and can give you a place to store your summer belongings.

While spring cleaning isn’t fun, it can certainly set you up for summer by giving you more workspace and a cleaner home. Use this spring as an opportunity to declutter your home by storing your belongings in Montreal. Having access to storage can give you more flexibility by giving you more space to work around your home, allowing you to store items you don’t currently need but will need next year.