Moving can be a daunting activity, especially when moving to a remote location. That’s why it’s very important that you choose an efficient moving company, as movers will determine how smooth the packing and moving process will be before you even think about a mover tip. Movers don’t look like any random service provider, like servers. If the server passes the wrong order for you, all it has to do is change it. But if a mover does a very bad job packing, for example by dragging your furniture against the floor, damaging essential electronic components or packing different items into the wrong moving boxes, you are sure to be able to unpack the day.

So you can see how essential they are, which is why you need to appreciate them even after paying for their services, especially when they have done an outstanding job. Although movers are not going to stay in your home until you tip them, they are generally thought to have done a bad job or you are not satisfied with their services if you don’t. So it’s very important.

The question is, “How much is enough for a mover tip?”

Since there is no specific tipping price, you can choose what you want, or the normal tipping price from 15 to 20. It’s up to you.

Here are a few factors to consider when switching movers:

  • Physical and environmental conditions in which the move took place: We all know that an effective removal process depends largely on the weather. It’s hard enough to move objects around the house, so if the movers do their best in case of frost, then it’s important that you show your appreciation.
  • As the move was difficult: not all houses are the same. The moving strategies used to move objects into a one-bedroom apartment are very different from those of a four-bedroom apartment. Also, if you have an upstairs house that forces movers up and down stairs, or if you haven’t packed your belongings properly, the movers have made an extra effort to place them in boxes for you, or if you leave your home in a short period of time, and the movers broke the record, so it’s great that you recognize their hard work.
  • The quality of service: personal tastes vary. If you think the movers have done a great job based on what you’ve seen, you can provide a larger tip.
  • Don’t forget to tip every worker, no matter how big. Don’t give the money to one person to distribute, it could create chaos


Apart from tipper, are there other ways to show appreciation?


yes. In addition to tipping, there are other ways to recognize their presence and enjoy a job well done. Even if you are not expected to do something extraordinary does not hurt. In addition, you can build a good reputation in the company.

  • Provide a cooler filled with cold drinks or water and snacks: As mentioned earlier, moving is a very stressful activity, so it will be nice to provide fresh drinks and snacks to the movers.
  • Provide food: on a larger scale, you can also provide them with food, depending on the time of day they work.
  • Give a good review of the online moving company: A good reference is worth more than silver or gold. So it’s very helpful to leave a good online assessment of the moving company and talk to your friends about it, to help it grow and grow. And who then is, deliver a small tip mover can contribute to the happiness of their day