Moving can be one of the most stressful events in life, and it can be even more stressful for your dog than you. We have sought advice from our moving experts for those who are moving with their dog and here are the top 10 tips:

10) Under no circumstances should you place your dog on the back of a moving truck. Even safely in a well-ventilated luggage rack, the truck is almost always warm (even in winter) and of course the doors are closed.

9) Your dog will probably want to play with the movers or eat them, so if possible, find a babysitter or place it. In this way, you can devote all your attention to your moving activities.

8) If your dog needs to be with you during your move, keep your beloved out of the way or out of the way. Dogs seek the attention of strangers and can create obstacles that will hinder the move.

7) Have a big bone and dog treats for the day of the move. A big bone can keep them busy for long periods. Treats can be a good way to get your dog to listen and obey. It’s a great idea to have water and nutritious treats for your movers too :).

6) Take a separate box of your dog’s favorite toys. Once at your new home, your dog may be scared by the new environment. So having ready familiar game things will reduce stress levels.

5) Remember that your dog will be excited on the day of the move and will need a lot of exercise and water. Exercise is the best way to prepare your dog, to make it more relaxed and calm for the arrival of the movers. Depending on the age and size of your dog, draining your energy level may not be easy, so plan frequent walks. I know that a 30-minute walk barely starts the energy level of our dog.

4) Make sure to let your dog go out for potty breaks. Nothing will spoil your experience of moving day more than a “surprise” for your dog inside your new home. Keep it on your property to avoid giving your neighbors a bad first impression.

3) If your dog will be present during the move, tell your movers in advance. You would be surprised how many strong men and women are afraid of dogs. Whether big or small, it does not matter. In addition, there are people who are allergic to dogs. Knowing in advance allows us to build the best team for your move.

2) After the move you will be busy unpacking, so do not ignore your dog. Take regular and long walks if you can, to explore your new neighborhood together. Even short breaks from unpacking to playing can be very helpful for you and your dog.

1) Have fun! Entering new neighborhoods is a time to celebrate. Ask the movers to take pictures of you and your dog in your new home. It’s always nice to have memories of the great days of life.

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