Walls and ceilings can be easily damaged when moving huge pieces of furniture nearby. This is especially true when you cross stairs, because large pieces sometimes match them.

Upholstered furniture will only brush walls and will generally leave no traces unless they are stuck in and cut. The skill of the movers and having enough to handle each piece of furniture is the best protection for these surfaces.

Proper surface protection

Ceiling ceilings and ceiling fans are damaged when movers do not pay attention to them and/or the height of the room they are carrying.

This is why you must use at least one additional person on each room or park an inactive person at doors or other points of the movement where overheads are low to remind movers to monitor the clearance.

Foam rolls and ribbons

Another thing you can do if you have access to large rolls of foam (1/4 inch x 4 ft) is to stick lengths with painter’s tape (not wrapping tape) on painted or wallpaper-covered wall areas where scratches can cause scratches. happen. Nothing will protect a gouging wall except the skill of the mover, but a suspended foam film can prevent scratches and light marks.

Don’t minimize the experience of your movers

To avoid costly damage to your walls and ceilings during a move, your best bet is to hire experienced movers who will take all the necessary security measures to protect your home 100%.


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