Would you like to move to a new home or in a new professional or commercial setting in Montreal? The issue of moving itself is not the problem, but it is all the stress that it causes that is of concern. Apprehensions don’t make it easy for you either: how are you going to do it? What structure should you trust? Will your property be treated with care? How to manage any damage ?… These are all legitimate questions that most people want to move.

Your residential and commercial moving expert based in Greater Montreal, Constant Moving gives you in this article some clues to simplify the move.

The administrative procedures to be carried out before the move

Moving from a place leads to several steps to be taken in a short period of time. Between interrupting your telecommunications contracts (simply by notification to your operator and returning the equipment) and changing your postal address, the race is without respite.

Change your postal address

When you move, consider changing your mailing address. What could be more normal? To do this, be sure to make these arrangements to avoid any inconvenience. For this:

  • Notify your interlocutors in advance: many administrative documents always use the postal route, unlike personal correspondences that use the postal address much less;
  • Redirecting mail: In order to avoid the loss of mail during this transition period, the post office has provided a secure redirect service for your mail that can last from 6 to 12 months if necessary.

The subscription to this service takes place at least 48 hours before the process of redirecting to the website of The Post Office online.

The termination of the energy contract

The move necessarily amounts to the termination of old contracts, including electricity. To do this, you can contact your supplier’s customer service department.

Thanks to the directories offered by the websites, you can easily search for suppliers such as Total Direct Energy and EDF.

Most people are left without electricity some time after moving in. This is usually due to the fact that they fail to request the opening of their EDF account.

To avoid this and not to pay extra for an emergency service, make sure to submit your application to open your EDF meter as soon as possible.

The request will be at least 5 days before you move in if you have been powered in the past and 10 days in advance when it is a first commissioning.

Cancellation of other contracts

In addition to the main contracts mentioned above, there are several others. The list is not exhaustive and varies according to your commitments.

Whether it’s your gym membership, music class or gym, it’s a good idea to consider terminating your contract as soon as possible so as not to exceed the notice period. With exceptions, the move is a valid reason to terminate a contract.

Tips and tricks to make your move easier

Moving will put you a lot of stress when you haven’t prepared properly.

Some practical and effective tips

Moving Constant,the residential and commercial moving expert based in Greater Montreal gives you some recommendations to simplify your move:

  • Get rid of unnecessary business for a few weeks. This way, you will have a more or less precise idea of what is needed to take with you. You’ll also save time;
  • Make your boxes a few weeks rather by taking care to store the effects that you do not use frequently. This will lighten your tasks at the time of the move;
  • Make a list of necessary address changes:you avoid forgetting them and focusing on setting up your new destination;
  • Entrust your move to a team of trusted professionals, such as Constant Moving, which accompanies and supports you throughout your moving process. The company is based in Montreal and is expanding its moving activities on the South Shore;
  • Ask your mover a little earlier to simplify your move;
  • Identify the storage boxes by marking the contents and the appropriate place to place them on each one;
  • Consult your moving company in case of uncertainty and submit your concerns (price of a move…) He’s in a better position to guide you.

Our recommendations to make moving easier for you

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