Insects are an integral part of the natural ecosystem. They are present in all houses. It should be noted that insects come in different varieties. These varieties are unknown to many people. The observation is that many people are interested in it. The reason for this is simple. Indeed, to get rid of insects, you must know their type. Discover in this article the types of insects that you can find at home.

What varieties of insects can you find in your home?

Insects come in various varieties. You will be able to find in your home a large number of insects. However, they can be divided into five large families. Discover in the upcoming lines the main families of insects that you can find within your home.

The hemiptera family

Among the families of insects is that of the hemiptera. This family includes a large number of insects, the most popular of which are bedbugs. Insects of this group have long antennae and pungent oral ends. Similarly, they have four wings. The hemiptera family is also known as the “biting-sucking” insects.

Insects of the Hemiptera family enjoy a special morphology. Indeed, it allows them to suck the sap of plants, human blood or insects. The way these insects feed means that they can easily inoculate diseases to the people they bite.

The family of beetles

Beetles also represent a family of insects that you can find at home. This family of insects is vast. Indeed, it has more than four hundred thousand species grouped into five hundred subfamilies. It is quite simple to recognize this type of insects. Their distinctive signs are the shell, hardened forewings, mandibles, etc.

Weevils, ladybugs, dermestes are some examples of insects belonging to this family. It should be noted that the mouthparts of insects of this family have a great grinding capacity. Indeed, they allow them to grind any type of food. Thus, the diet of beetles is composed of plants, insects, feces, etc.

The dictyoptera family

Dictyoptera are part of the families of insects that you can find in your home. This family includes three major orders of insects. These are the blattoptera, mantoptera and isoptera. Insects of this family are harmless to humans. However, they remain insects.

You may not have known it, but less than 1% of the insects in this family interact with humans. What is blamed on the insects of this family is the fact that they affect hygiene and quality of life within homes. Similarly, it should be noted that they breed in large numbers and in large quantities.

The siphonaptera family

Several insects are found in the siphonapterafamily. The best known are fleas. Insects of these families are known to have mouthparts of “biter-suckers”. These insects are very small in size and are invisible to the naked eye. As soon as they reach adulthood, they can cause enormous damage. These insects feed on the blood of their carriers.

Like hemiptera, siphonaptera can inoculate various diseases. This is due to the fact that they frequently change carriers. Similarly, siphonaptera are responsible for several allergies. So be very careful.

The Hymenoptera family

Hymenoptera are an easily recognizable family of insects. Indeed, it is composed of known insects such as bees, ants, hornets, wasps, etc. This family of insects is very large. It has one hundred and thirty thousand species. Hymenoptera have two pairs of membranous wings and a “grinder-edeur” type mouthpiece.

There is a factor that makes this family of insects special. Indeed, the mother is endowed with the ability to choose the sex of the child who will be born. Carpenter ants represent the species of this family found most in homes.

How to flush out insects in your home?

Now that you know more about insects,you will be able to better identify them within your home. It is important that you think about how to flush them out. To do this, you must first find their location within your home. Once this is done, you can move on to the extermination phase. Look for traces of infestation, at:

  • From the window;
  • From the basement;
  • Etc.

In order to exterminate insects from your home, you can use chemicals. It is important to emphasize that the use of these products requires special know-how. This is why it is recommended to call on a Montreal exterminator. These products kill various types of insects namely:

  • The groundhog;
  • The water chip;
  • The water bug;
  • Wasp’s nests;
  • Silverfish;
  • The woodlice;
  • The bibite of humidity;
  • Centipede;
  • The fly;
  • Centipedes;
  • The moth;
  • The cricket;
  • The black wasp;
  • Etc.

You also have the option of using repellents to prevent the intrusion of creeping insects. Contact an exterminator in Laval or Montreal to learn more about these devices. In addition to hunting insects such as spiders and earwigs, they repel animals such as:

  • The squirrel;
  • Raccoons;
  • Etc.

In summary, it should be remembered that you will be able to find five large families of insects in your home. If you know them well, flushing them out will become easy for you.