Needless to say, how much time you spend, a lot of time in your home. Thus, it is better to have a place where life is good. This is to avoid health problems that can occur such as respiratory problems, allergies … Far from being a matter of superstition, a house can make a person sick. Yes, probably because of mold, polluted air, toxicity from certain products. Let’s see which products could cause danger to human health.

The most common household pollutants

homemade pollutant

The list is long, but we will see the most common elements and with which we are frequently in contact in everyday life.


It is a mineral found in building materials. Yet, in addition to this characteristic, everyone recognizes it for causing harm to health. That is why it has been banned on the European continent. But it can still happen that we are in contact with it because of the old buildings. Even if the side effects are not visible, they will appear sooner or later after forty years in living men who have had a positive feedback with asbestos tests.

Carbon monoxide

This second element concerns a harmful gas. It is a gas that emanates from the fumes of heating appliances that are not in good condition. Carbon monoxide attacks the body when we breathe. This is done with its fixation with hemoglobin thus causing a lack of air with some organs: the nervous system, the heart and blood vessels. As a result, discomfort will be felt. To avoid such health sequelae, it is necessary to properly maintain the various heating appliances and also to acquire the devices that make it possible to know if there is a carbon monoxide gas leak in your home.


Many Volatile Organic Compounds exist in the air. And this even in his own home. Indeed, these are these organic compounds that are found in almost all household products: in building materials including paints, lacquers, floor coverings … These elements can contain various gases such as hydrocarbons, toluene, benzene, etc. that can cause breathing difficulties.


This fourth element concerns microscopic animals. They breed most in damp places, in corners like beds, curtains, sofas, carpets. These little critters are in most cases the cause of many allergies that like places full of mold. In this case, do not forget to frequently do a mold decontamination , the ideal solution to overcome mites.


Lead is an element found in old pipes or in old paints. Their digestion and inhalation pose various problems including digestive disorders, lead poisoning, various poisonings … Such health problems will in the long run bring Man closer to his death.

So what can be done to limit exposure to these pollutants?

treatment of pollutants

To better preserve your health, some tips are to be adopted. First of all, demand better ventilation of the house. This first solution will prevent us from breathing in toxic gases. In addition to this, it is also necessary to do a regular cleaning of the linens.

For animal lovers, given how close they are to you, you need to make sure that they are clean, without any harmful insects.
In order to no longer be in contact with various chemicals, pesticides and other similar elements are prohibited. It’s better to turn to everything that is organic and ecological. This will kill two birds with two birds: living in a healthy environment and also eating healthy food.

Clean up the house with a professional

To have a healthy environment, doing your own cleaning is a good idea. But sometimes, hiring a professional is a good idea to do a real clean-up: a proper clean-up. This is especially true for pollutants such as asbestos and mould.


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