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    Would you like to move to Pierrefonds soon ? Déménagement Constant takes care of your move to Pierrefonds from the packing of your furniture to the delivery and assembly of your furniture. With a turnkey service, your residential and commercial moves take place in the best conditions. Composed of a team of meticulous, competent and experienced movers, our moving company in Pierrefonds transports your furniture and objects without any damage or loss! Trusted company, Déménagement Constant guarantees you a move under the best hospices, without any unpleasant surprises and without hassle.

    The advantages of moving to Pierrefonds

    Favourable geographical location

    Pierrefonds enjoys an enviable geographical location. Located near the island of Montreal, the city offers easy access to major highways, making it easy to travel to other parts of the city. In addition, Pierrefonds is bordered by the Rivière des Prairies, offering beautiful landscapes and recreational activities.

    Quality infrastructure and services

    Pierrefonds has high-quality infrastructure and services. You will find schools, health centers, shops and restaurants, meeting all your daily needs. In addition, the city is well served by public transport, which makes it easy to get around the area.

    Pleasant living environment

    One of the main attractions of Pierrefonds is its pleasant living environment. The city offers many parks, trails and green areas, where you can enjoy nature and relax. In addition, Pierrefonds’ residential areas are quiet and safe, making it an ideal place for families.

    How to prepare your move to Pierrefonds?

    Find a professional mover

    When planning your move to Pierrefonds, it is recommended to hire a professional mover. He will have the necessary expertise to help you organize your move efficiently and safely.

    Take inventory and plan

    Before your move, take the time to make an inventory of all your belongings. This will allow you to organize yourself and plan the transport of your belongings in an optimal way. Also include a list of tasks to accomplish before, during and after the move.

    Plan for paperwork

    Don’t forget to plan for the paperwork related to your move to Pierrefonds. This may include changing your address with government departments, terminating or transferring utility subscriptions, and updating your information with financial institutions.

    Popular neighbourhoods in Pierrefonds


    Pierrefonds-Roxboro is one of the city’s most popular neighbourhoods. It offers a wide variety of accommodations, ranging from single-family homes to apartments. You will also find many parks, schools and local shops.


    Île-Bizard is another popular neighbourhood in Pierrefonds. Located on an island, it offers a peaceful and green environment. You will be able to enjoy the natural beauty of the island while being close to the amenities of the city.


    Sainte-Geneviève is a quiet and family residential area. Here you will find many spacious houses and green areas, making it an ideal place for families looking for a peaceful living environment.

    Activities and attractions in Pierrefonds

    The Cap-Saint-Jacques Nature Park

    The Cap-Saint-Jacques Nature Park is one of Pierrefonds’ jewels. With its beaches, hiking trails and picnic areas, it’s the perfect place to enjoy outdoor activities. Guests can enjoy swimming, hiking, kayaking and even bird watching.

    Le Château Pierrefonds

    Château Pierrefonds is a historic building that is worth a visit. Built in the 19th century, it is located in the Pierrefonds-Roxboro neighbourhood and offers an overview of the region’s history. You can visit the castle and discover its unique architecture.

    The Pierrefonds Public Market

    If you like fresh and local products, don’t miss the Pierrefonds public market. You will find a variety of fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses and other artisanal products. It’s the perfect place to shop and support local producers.

    Schools in Pierrefonds

    Primary and secondary schools

    Pierrefonds has several quality elementary and secondary schools. Whether you are looking for a public or private school, you will find institutions that offer top-notch education for your children.

    Higher education institutions

    If you are considering post-secondary education, Pierrefonds also offers institutions of higher learning. You’ll be able to choose from a variety of programs and get a quality education without having to move away from where you live.

    Health services in Pierrefonds

    Hospitals and clinics

    Pierrefonds is home to several hospitals and clinics that offer comprehensive health services. Whether for medical consultations, specialized care or emergencies, you will find quality health facilities nearby.

    Health professionals

    In addition to medical facilities, Pierrefonds also has many health professionals, such as general practitioners, dentists, chiropractors and physiotherapists. You will be able to take care of your health without having to travel far from home.

    Transportation options in Pierrefonds

    Public transport

    Pierrefonds is well served by public transport. You can use buses and trains to get around the city and the Montreal metropolitan area. It is a practical and environmentally friendly option for your daily commute.

    Road network and parking

    If you prefer to drive your own vehicle, Pierrefonds benefits from a well-developed road network. Highways and main roads will allow you to move easily. In addition, the city offers accessible parking areas, making it easy to find parking for your vehicle.

    Real Estate in Pierrefonds

    Types of housing available

    Pierrefonds offers a wide variety of accommodations. You can find single-family homes, condominiums, apartments and even rental housing. Whatever your budget and needs, you will find accommodation that meets your expectations.

    Real estate prices

    Property prices in Pierrefonds vary depending on the type of accommodation and location. In general, the city offers more affordable prices compared to Montreal’s more central neighbourhoods. This makes it an attractive choice for people looking for affordable housing without compromising quality of life.

    A turnkey and tailor-made service

    From the beginning to the end of your move to Pierrefonds, Déménagement Constant takes care of all the steps for you. Whatever your needs, we are at your disposal and available to answer all your questions. The goal is to reduce the stress caused by your move, while reassuring you about the reliability of our services.

    For many years, Déménagement Constant has had a recognized expertise with the inhabitants and businesses of Pierrefonds in:


    Residential relocation


    The commercial move



    All our moving services in Pierrefonds are carried out with respect for your furniture and your heavy, fragile and personal objects. Our movers handle your belongings with delicacy and meticulousness in order to restore them to their original condition. Our entire team is fully aware of the sentimental and pecuniary value of your belongings.

    In addition, we use:


    Adapted moving trucks


    Adhesive strips


    Protective mats


    Padded blankets


    Single-use plastic bags for mattresses


    All this professional equipment is frequently cleaned and disinfected to provide a clean environment for our residential and commercial customers.

    By moving to Pierrefonds, you offer yourself the opportunity to enjoy a good quality of life in a peaceful and dynamic environment. The city offers an ideal geographical location, quality infrastructure, as well as a multitude of activities and services for its residents. Whether you are a family, a student or a professional, Pierrefonds has everything you need. Prepare well, call on professionals and enjoy your new life in Pierrefonds!

    An experienced, competent and efficient company

    Déménagement Constant knows how stressful a move can be for future landlords or tenants. That’s why we do everything we can to reassure you and guarantee the success of your move to Pierrefonds.

    In addition, we guarantee our customers the following advantages:

    Punctuality, courtesy and speed.
    The movers who accompany you on D-Day always respect their commitments. Available and at your disposal, they will make you a precise follow-up of the progress of your day. Their goal is to ensure your satisfaction throughout your move.


    Quality, professionalism and reliability.
    Déménagement Constant is your trusted partner throughout the duration of your move to Pierrefonds. We assure you a quality service. In addition, we hold a permit from the Commission des transports du Québec (CTQ).

    Safety, thoroughness and delicacy. All your furniture and objects will be moved and transported with the utmost respect. We make sure to return them to their original condition without damage or loss. In addition, we have basic insurance coverage.

    Flexible, competitive and tailor-made prices.
    Offering the best value for money in the region, Déménagement Constant is flexible on prices. Request a free estimate online and we will offer you prices tailored to your needs.

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    When is the best time to move to Pierrefonds?

    The best time to move to Pierrefonds depends on your own circumstances and preferences. However, the summer months are often preferred due to favorable weather conditions and the availability of moving services.

    What are the costs to expect when moving to Pierrefonds?

    The costs associated with moving to Pierrefonds can vary depending on various factors, such as the distance to be travelled, the size of your move and the services you use. It is recommended to request quotes from several moving companies to get a clear idea of the costs.

    Are there any international schools in Pierrefonds?

    Yes, Pierrefonds has several international schools that offer bilingual or multilingual education. These institutions can be a great option if you want to offer your children an international education.

    Is it easy to find a job in Pierrefonds?

    Pierrefonds is part of the Greater Montreal area, which offers many job opportunities in various sectors. However, job availability may vary depending on the job market and your area of expertise.

    How can I find accommodation in Pierrefonds?

    To find accommodation in Pierrefonds, you can consult online real estate ads, contact real estate agencies or go there to visit the neighborhoods that interest you. It is also recommended to hire a local real estate agent to help you with your search.