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    If you are planning a move to Mont-Saint-Hilaire, you are probably wondering how to carry out this project without worrying. Regardless of the size of the move, it is important to rely on a fast and qualified service in order to benefit from tailor-made assistance. With a little method, you can find a dynamic team to make a quick move and especially at the best price. The Constant Moving Company is ideal for meeting your moving requirements. Discover the benefits of this choice of service without further ado.

    Safe moves

    When moving, your first fear is that you won’t find your belongings in their original state. Worse, lose your property that has a high sentimental and pecuniary value. With Constant Moving, you have no fear to have. Our expertise and thoroughness allow us to make safe moves to Anjou 100,we hand over your belongings without damage or loss.

    In addition, we carry out all moves with quality equipment frequently cleaned and disinfected:


    Moving trucks


    Protective mats


    Padded blankets


    Single-use plastic bags for mattresses


    Adhesive strips

    Listening, available and punctual,our movers are your true partners when you move, from start to finish. All your heavy, fragile and personal items are in good hands. Constant Moving specializes in:

    Moving your appliances, furniture, boxes and personal items with the removal of your household appliances, furniture, cardboard and personal items

    The commercial move with the removal of your furniture and computer equipment

    with the transport of your heavy and fragile items such as pianos, appliances, sofas and beds

    Whatever your needs, we offer you a turnkey and tailor-made service for transporting your belongings in peace!

    Experts move in Mont-Saint-Hilaire

    Constant moving guarantees you a moving service in Anjou that offers the best value for money! Delicate, meticulous and professional,our team of movers takes care of your items throughout your move and stays tuned and available to keep track of your belongings.


    Moving Constant is a company specializing in moving to Mont-Saint-Hilaire. This team of experts has the necessary skills to handle the packaging, dismantling/assembly, transport and delivery of your goods. Transportation is for all your furniture and personal items. To better assist you, our company specializes in three main types of moving.

    These include residential relocation. You can make this move with Constant Moving for a change of residence or home, or a change that requires the safe movement of your belongings. With us, you put all the chances on your side to save time and energy on your next move.

    You can also entrust your business move to Mont-Saint-Hilaire to the qualified Constant Moving team. This type of move requires an accurate organization of all staff. To avoid the cessation or temporary cessation of your activities, you can entrust us with this arduous task in order to take advantage of our closeness and professionalism. We have the right equipment to move all your business equipment as quickly as possible.

    We also specialize in delivery. After the purchase of a valuable property that is difficult to transport such as a piece of furniture, a piano, an appliance, a pool table… you can ask for our help. We take care of transport to your home in order to make your life easier with a fast and secure delivery service.

    A competent and punctual team

    To collaborate with Constant Moving means to benefit from the services of a professional company. We are licensed by the Quebec Transportation Commission (QTC) and we provide a quality service. This is what has made us solicited for moves to the South Shore for several years.

    The competence of our services is valid for an individual who seeks quality, packaging care and the safe transport of fragile objects during a move.
    long distance. In addition, our company is very punctual and respects the deadlines agreed with the customer for the proper transport of his goods.

    A safe move without damage or loss

    During a move, customers’ biggest fear is that they will not find their belongings in good condition. This fear increases when it comes to moving high-value goods. But with our team of experts, your move to Mont-Saint-Hilaire will take place without fear. Indeed, we have the right professional equipment.

    Please note that our equipment is frequently cleaned and disinfected. These include adhesive strips, protective mats, plastic mattress bags, padded blankets… This equipment usually allows us to transport your furniture and belongings with delicacy and safety. We eliminate the damage when you move to Mont-Saint-Hilaire. No matter how far away you are, you are sure to find your belongings in good condition. In case of damage despite all precautions, you can count on our basic insurance coverage for quick compensation.

    A moving company at the best price

    You should no longer hesitate to hire a moving company because of the cost. Indeed, moving to Mont-Saint-Hilaire with our cheap movers is not overpriced. We guarantee good service in Saint-Mont-Hilaire by offering the best in value for money with always flexible prices. In addition, the invoice is estimated at no hidden or additional costs. Depending on your needs, you can request a free estimate online or by phone.

    Note also that if we intervene to quickly transport your goods to your new address, our team will be on the line to track your belongings. So don’t hesitate to contact us to take advantage of the services of our competent and qualified team.

    A turnkey service

    With Constant Moving, you have the option of opting for a quality moving service in Mont-Saint-Hilaire: turnkey service. When moving, you often have to go about your business while thinking about the multitude of things to take away. To make it easier for you, we take care of your belongings from packaging to delivery and even unpacking heavy, fragile and personal items.

    In other words, we do the packaging, loading, transport, unloading, assembly, installation of protective equipment, etc. So we can take care of everything for you, if you want. This way, you won’t have to worry before you move.

    Contrary to what some people think, it is possible to move to Mont-Saint-Hilaire without the slightest stress. All you have to do is call on the company Moving Constant to take care of your project. With our team of moving experts, we provide you with a quality service with professional equipment. Your belongings are therefore transported to your home in their original state and without loss. In addition, the value for money of our services is unique.

    Working with Constant Moving means benefiting from:

    A competent, punctual and courteous team.
    Constant Moving is committed to meeting all deadlines and providing the highest quality service. We hold our quebec Transportation Commission (CTQ) licence.

    A move without damage or loss. With exemplary conduct and recognized expertise, our team of movers carefully handles all your assets in order to restore them to their original state. In addition, we have basic insurance coverage.


    Transportation without stress or hassle.
    With Constant Moving, you are guaranteed to get a moving service in Anjou of the highest quality and living up to your expectations. Without any nasty surprises, we make your move enjoyable!

    A competitive price.
    Always flexible on prices, Constant Moving guarantees you the best value on the market. Having quality services at the best price is possible! Ask for a free estimate online or by phone.

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    I moved several times with this team: always welcoming and efficient. They move your heavy furniture without too much effort...

    Mr. Bourdrias

    Careful and punctual staff

    Mr. Brisebois

    They accompanied me through the various stages of my move. I benefited from a bespoke and very efficient service. I highly recommend them!

    "Mrs. Savoie"