In order to make a move in the best conditions, it is important to entrust the transportation of your property to a reliable and competent mover. By choosing your moving company, you entrust all your goods and furniture into the hands of a team of movers. Make sure it’s as professional as possible! Discover the 5 qualities required to be a good mover.

Punctuality and courtesy, the basis of a good relationship

Often selected for weeks or even months, your moving date has been planned in advance with your moving company. Whether the move lasts a few hours or all day, it is essential that the movers are punctual to meet all your deadlines. A mover must not be late and must above all respect the commitments established beforehand.

During your moving day, there is a good chance that you will start a regular dialogue with your movers. But above all, your team of movers must always be courteous and respectful.

With these two qualities, the day will start well!

Availability and listening, the importance of your satisfaction

Requiring a large organization, the move must be well structured so that your items are moved to the right place and according to your needs. Your mover must always be at your disposal to meet your expectations.

A good mover remains available throughout your move and remains at your disposal to adapt the service to your specific needs. In addition, if you have questions about tracking your move, you can easily contact your mover.

Physical aptitude, the prerequisite of the mover

If you make your move yourself, there is a good chance you will be injured. Indeed, if you suffer from back problems, wearing furniture is really to be avoided!

That’s why movers need to be physically fit and have the strength to move, lift and carry heavy and bulky furniture. This physical strength makes it possible to move your furniture without any risk for the health of a person, but also without any risk for the quality of your furniture. The risk of falls for your furniture is relatively low in the hands of a good mover.

Minutia and delicacy, the essential protection

Sometimes, physical strength is not enough to be a good mover. Indeed, it is necessary to be at the same time meticulous and at the same time delicate to ensure the optimal protection of your furniture. When moving furniture in tight spaces, stairs or windows, care must be taken.

A meticulous and delicate remover will take the time to analyze the situation and find effective and relevant solutions to move your furniture without scratches!

Good mood, the undeniable asset

A move is a very stressful time, but when you are surrounded by competent movers, we know that the day begins in the best hospices. But having a cheerful and smiling mover is really a must!



See a mover who loves his job, who is friendly and brings you a good mood in such an important stage of your life, what more? The Movers Constant movers combine all these qualities! Our competent, professional and friendly team is available for all moves in the Montreal area! For this, call us at (514) 220-3505.
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