In anticipation of your local move to Montreal, most of your attention throughout the moving process will usually focus on what is happening in your current home. Whether to de-clutter, clean or repair things before selling your home; these things tend to require a lot of time and effort, and therefore attention. While these things are certainly important, there are a number of things to remember before moving to Montreal.
Although these things may seem common sense, they can easily be forgotten during the process of moving.
Here is a list of 7 things to remember before moving to Montreal:

1. Connect your internet

Although this does not seem to be a big problem, it can certainly become so when you need WIFI. Internet providers are usually booked several weeks in advance. Do not you think? Try to book one at the last minute. Do not forget to do it a few weeks before your move so you do not get stuck without WIFI.

2. Update people from your new address

This can be easily forgotten, but can cause confusion. Try to bring people in without telling them that you have moved. Sending a bulk e-mail can help you understand fairly quickly that you are moving and can tell your friends and family that you are living in a new place.

3. Update the businesses of your new address

Again, it’s something that’s easy to forget. After all, packing and decluttering are more important, right? While these are important, it is equally important to update the institutions of your new address so that you can always receive your mail. A quick list of people to update includes: subscriptions to magazines or online shopping accounts, Canada Post, insurance companies, the bank, etc.

4. Clean up the new place

Although it depends on your move to Montreal, you definitely need to think about it. Former owners or tenants should have cleaned, but do not always rely on the fact that they did. After all, they might have been in a hurry to get out. We all know how much dust can be deposited under objects that have not moved for years, such as dressers, dressers, beds, etc. If you have time, be sure to clean your new place to install housing ready to be inhabited. Here is a quick checklist for cleaning your new place.

5. Pack a nightclub

Unpacking the day of your move can be a daunting task, as moving to Montreal can take a good part of the day. Moreover, since the objects you need overnight are in different rooms, and therefore in different boxes. A nightclub will allow you to have everything in one central location so you know where to look, for example plates, utensils, toothbrushes, toilet paper, etc.

6. Change the locks

Since, throughout the sales process, a large number of keys can be delivered to different parts, installing new locks can be a good idea, if only for peace of mind. Among the new owners, people who may have keys are: real estate agent, former owners, repair technicians, etc. Make sure you think about it in advance so that when you are ready to move in, you get your new keys.

7. Measure the items in advance to know where they will go

Believe it or not, many people do not do it before they move. Many people mentally decide where the items will go, and do not think much more than that. You’d be surprised at the number of times we were asked to go down on couches that simply did not fit on the stairs, or to move the box springs or stairs that were not going. Make sure that you plan and measure where you want things to go, so that the next moving day you know where everything is going, and you know it will be fine. Here’s a quick list of things to measure before moving in.
The fact remains that your local move in Montreal will put a lot of your time preparing you to find out if you’re packing up or if your local business in Montreal does. It’s important to make sure that you think about some of these things so that you’re ready to get started when things happen.
Needless to say, you need to allow yourself enough time to do some of these essential tasks. Also remember to do

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