A successful move simply lies in its careful preparation. This usually involves tidying up days or weeks in advance, arranging the belongings that need to be stored in boxes, etc. These preparations make it possible to maintain order and to proceed quickly on D-Day. However, there is one important aspect to consider: pests of all kinds that can find shelter, warm in the boxes stored, and follow you to the new address. This article presents you the essentials of the measures to take to avoid infestations for your move.

Bet on professional movers

The choice of professionals for your professional or residential move in the Greater Montreal area is also an important factor in avoiding unpleasant surprises. Qualified experts will take all the necessary measures to avoid any infestation of your belongings during transport. It is enough to choose infested or unclean trucks for a move, to risk that all your belongings are quickly colonized by intruders during the journey to the new address. Moving professionals who properly maintain their vehicles by vacuuming and keeping clean the surfaces hosting your furniture and other boxes will be a good asset to avoid contamination.

The importance of packaging

For your move in the Greater Montreal area as elsewhere, the packaging completion stage is essential. Choosing the right packaging can be enough to avoid contamination of belongings by insects or colonization by rodents. As far as possible, for example, it will be necessary to give preference to plastic packaging with hermetic and solid lids. If cartons remain a popular option because they are easy to find and cost nothing in general, you will gain security for your belongings of all kinds.

Opt for new cartons

For cases where cartons are required, bet on new and solid cartons. If these are old and used, it will indeed be easier for rodents to sneak in, despite the precautions you could take to keep them closed. And if you use cartons that have already been used in restaurants for example or in supermarkets, make sure that they do not contain odors or traces of food that may attract mice or insects.

Choosing the right packaging will optimize your chances of avoiding bed bugs, fleas, ants, rodents or spiders during the move.

Storage of food before moving

Food, whether cardboard or jar foods, is a real bait for pests of all kinds. Carrying food during a trip can lead to an infestation even before arrival at the places where the belongings need to be unloaded.

It will be necessary to take care to consume everything that can be consumed before the move, planning as it should be on the D-Day. Food that cannot be consumed may, for example, be offered, unless it is perfectly packaged provisions, such as products purchased at the supermarket. In any case, any container will have to be kept perfectly airtight, and you will take care to separate the food from the rest of the belongings to avoid dirtying them or attracting pests.

Taking care of upholstered furniture

Insects like bedbugs find their comfort in foam furniture or mattresses. To prepare for your move, you can use waterproof plastic covers. This type of cover will not only prevent moisture, but also keep cockroaches, bedbugs, and other insects at bay.

In addition, good moving professionals can advise you on all kinds of complementary measures. For example, keeping furniture to be moved above the ground is a simple way to prevent all kinds of pests from taking refuge in it. Your boxes, mattresses and furniture can thus be kept high, thanks in particular to wooden pallets for example.

Natural deterrence techniques

Before and during the move, you can use different deterrence techniques to prevent pests from colonizing your belongings. Substances such as white vinegar or baking soda or cedar balls are known to hunt moths. Some essential oils that you will easily find in supermarkets will be very effective in also warding off different pests. Sometimes it is enough to soak cotton balls, and to arrange these elements near the things to be protected.


Calling on a professional

If, however, you find that the infestation is greater and cannot be managed with artisanal solutions, we strongly recommend that you call on extermination professionals in Montreal. Indeed, their know-how and experience will allow you to overcome your infestation and move into your new home as serenely as possible.


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