A move requires good planning and excellent organization so that the day is done in optimal conditions. The sooner you go, the less stress will be present and fewer mistakes will be made. The move is not an event to be taken lightly! Discover some tips that will make your move a real success.


1. Find your mover

The sooner you know the date of your move, the more choice you have for your moving company! Depending on the planned date of your move, you will have to book as soon as possible in order to have space available.

In addition, moves between the months of May and August are the most popular and therefore costly. Remember to book early and compare different offers.

To choose your mover, use a company registered with the Quebec Transportation Commission (CTQ) to provide service in industry standards. Also, take the time to read reviews and comments from past customers and call for more information on rates and services. So you can ensure the reliability and professionalism of a company in minutes.

2. Set the last formalities

When you move at the last minute, the last paperwork is sometimes forgotten or poorly done. Before the day of your move, remember to change your address with the institutions (Canada Post, Health Insurance Board, bank, government, electricity, etc.). You will receive your mail to your destination!

You must also plan your new connections such as the Internet, your electricity supplier, and any other transfer of services.

If you have children, plan in advance for a change of school if necessary. In addition, if you have pets, think about their comfort during your move and to reserve a pension for a few days, if necessary.

3. Sort in your stuff

You can easily imagine that it will be useless to move things that you no longer use! For this, plan several weeks before your move a large sort. By getting rid of unnecessary items, unworn clothes or bulky things, you’ll save time on D-Day and start from scratch in your new home!

Equip yourself with professional equipment: boxes, cardboard, tape, bubble wrap, tissue paper, blanket, etc. When sorting, take the opportunity to start your first boxes and to inventory all your items. Label all your boxes and mark with a felt the new location. You will save time in your future storage.

4. No stress on the day

For everyone, a move is a particularly stressful time. By having selected your moving company, you can already have peace of mind. With a trustworthy company, you will have no worries about the quality and respect of your property, the reliability of the service and the efficiency of the movers.

In addition, you will lose little energy in moving your furniture and heavy objects and bulky. You will have time available to go around all the rooms of your house, so that there is no forgetting. In addition, you can make the final adjustments with the cleaning of parts.


With good planning and a reliable and professional moving company such as Déménagement Constant by your side, you can be sure of an excellent move, without any pitfalls. To plan your move, contact Déménagement Constant now at (514) 220-3505.
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